Olivia Wilde Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge But Uses 'Breast Milk' (VIDEO)

We've long known about Olivia Wilde's amazing sense of humor and her appreciation for a good joke. As the latest celebrity to jump on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge bandwagon, the actress did something exceptionally odd: instead of pouring ice-cold water over her head, she declared that she was going to use her own breast milk instead -- before proceeding to dump what looks like milk all over herself.

We're not sure if she's trying to make a statement about nursing, or just poking fun at her new Hot Nature Mama image, but this is definitely the strangest ALS challenge video to surface -- and let's hope it's the last!

You may recall, Olivia recently posed in Glamour magazine with son Otis. We couldn't stop talking about one photo in particular, which showed her looking gorgeous while nursing in a cruddy-looking diner. Olivia, in a very Olivia way, didn't take it too seriously and instead spent the next few days after the picture was released joking about how Otis had urinated on her as he nursed sans diaper, and how, NO, she doesn't ordinarily breastfeed while wearing a $5,000 gown.

And now we get this: an ALS challenge video in which Olivia claims she couldn't find water and would have to improvise with a big bucket of her own breast milk -- and she says she spent all night pumping to accomplish this feat.

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Any mom who has breastfed knows pumped milk is like diamonds and gold and emeralds all rolled up into one. We take special care not to waste a drop of it. Obviously, this is not really Olivia's breast milk. I guess she's using cow's milk, and yeah, it's really weird to waste so much milk. Whether she really is trying to make a statement (which I doubt) or just being silly, can celebs please, please stop trying to out-do one another and just donate to the cause and be done with it?

Check it out and let us know what you think:

What's your opinion on Olivia's "breast milk" Ice Bucket Challenge? Do you think she's trying to make a statement about nursing?


Image via oliviawilde/Instagram



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nonmember avatar meghan


miche... micheledo

I have no idea what she is trying to do, but I think it would have been neat for her to bring up the fact that they are doing stem cell research hoping it helps cure ALS.  AND did you know that stem cells are in BREASTMILK!!!!??  

I wonder if any research has been done with breatmilk stem cells?

AliPa... AliParker

It's nothing but a waste no matter what kind if milk it is.

nonmember avatar Nerjune

OMG, that was a lot of breast milk !!!! Did you Know you can donate it for premie babies at hospitals ?? What a waste of it !!

nonmember avatar Starr West

Y'all are all so judgemental! People complain about wasting water, people complain about the way they dump the liquids. SHE USED HER OWN BREASTMILK! SO what! Its hers! She doesnt have to donate her own milk, she isn't using a rare resourse. She is still spreading awareness about ALS AND donating. Makes her much less of an idiot than you lot! Do your research on why the ice cold liquid is used in this challange and how much money this challage has already raised for the cause! Why don't y'all do something with your lives instead of judge and whine?

mummy... mummyoftwins92

It was probably fake..lighten up its for a good cause

nonmember avatar Veronica

Attention whore...

rocky... rockyhugs35

Lol isn't it just as wasteful using water, there are people in other parts of the world that don't have clean water. It came from her body...odd, but not wasteful. 

sinba... sinbad127

I was told when my first born son was born that 'Breast milk is more valuable than gold'. Split water is recycled by nature at least. That was just a waste and not impressive to me at all.

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