Proof Kim Kardashian Needs to Be Makeup-Free More Often (PHOTO)

kim kardashianThe makeup-free look isn't for everyone. I'm not saying everyone isn't gorgeous without some lipstick or mascara, but I am saying that some people just don't feel right without a little hint of liner. And especially if you are a celebrity with 2,847 people looking at your photos every five minutes. The pressure! The desire to reach for some concealer is probably too great to refuse. Not for Kim Kardashian.

I know a lot of us love to dislike her greatly (I'm trying to be pleasant) but this woman ... wow. She is beautiful. Way more beautiful without any makeup on. She looks so different, more exotic, when she doesn't paint up her face. Her latest selfie is simply breathtaking.

I have no idea why there is all that white space in the photo, but let's just move on from that. Look at Kim! Those eyes!

I'm a huge fan of mascara, so I get why women love to pile it on. It's my "if I could only have one makeup item" item. My eyes get lost without it. At least I think so. But Kim ... no way. Perfection. She's prettier without it. And she looks 10 years younger without it, too. So does JWoww who just posted a makeup-free selife as well.

This photo was taken by the way, after a trip to the zoo. The zoo. That's what she looks like after being at the zoo. Sheesh. Simply gorgeous.

What do you think? More makeup-free selfies are in order, right?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram



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Kathy Hamlin

She does look beautiful & younger w/out makeup. All that red lipstick on those lips is way too much.

TinyT... TinyTootiePie

She looks like she's been up for 2 days straight IMO. I think she goes overboard w her makeup. I think a "natural" medium would look really good on her: A little bit of makeup just for evenness and glow but that you still can't be sure she's wearing any.

nonmember avatar Robert Lee

I dont watch the show,never have. I just saw a pic alluding to feminity about Bruce,so I was curious Last i remember him was when he was doing the decathalon.OK,so even though I am not curious about her or her show,she and her mom are very pretty. Makup was designed to for women who want to look like they do without it.Some people are just plain lucky. Some get looks,some get brains and some get both.

Lois J Levy Smith

How many nose jobs is Kim going to have? Watching their show last night I see Khourtney in the minutes between the show has had a facelift, Kris has her eyes pulled too tight and Khloe has a new nose and looks cute but she didn't need that. Bruce,,,needs no comments . He is on his way to Ms. Bruce. In 10 years they will all look like cartoon characters. Kim now has had so much done she is no longer even a normal face. I would guess she has had 4 nose changes.

nonmember avatar Melisa

I think they have all gone overboard with their nose jobs, makeup etc. but that is all of Hollywood!! It's okay as long as the world knows that is it okay to be without makeup and still look good. There are many, many beautiful women in NYC who wear absolutely nothing and are gorgeous and they are not famous!

nonmember avatar rossi

lol....No makeup makes her look like she has the runs, dark circles under her eyes. She looks so much like Michael Jackson when wearing makeup. Why is she still wearing that ugly she was married in.

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