Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder Moved in Together After Just 3 Weeks

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Hot couple Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder are a perfect match. They are the proud parents of a horse named Eagle. They both enjoy the taste of blood (on screen). And they dig each other big time -- so much so that they apparently started shacking up just three weeks after they began dating.

Nikki and Ian have been living together in Atlanta, where Ian is filming the sixth season of The Vampire Diaries -- alongside ex Nina Dobrev.

According to a source who spoke with US Weekly, Nikki visits Ian on set every day and the stars plan on buying a home in Los Angeles, as well.

Friends say the two have always been attracted to one another, so it was no biggie to go from buddies to boyfriend/girlfriend. Nikki, 26, was previously married to Paul McDonald and, as we all know, Ian, 35, and Nina dated for three years before they amicably split in May 2013.

Three weeks may seem way too soon to decide that you want to cohabitate, but when you know something is right, you just know. Perhaps these two gorgeous people really are soulmates who belong together. If they feel that is the case, why wait when you just want to be around someone all of the time?

Anyone else feel wedding bells are going to be ringing sooner rather than later for these two?

Do you think three weeks is too soon for Nikki and Ian to move in together?


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nonmember avatar DCB

"When you know, you just know"?? You mean like how she 'knew' with Paul after 2 months?? LOL. This chick is a train wreck.

nonmember avatar Tara

NO! But, but, what about me? I need, I want, I must have Nian Boohoo. I have no romantic life of my own. I live through that perfect fantasy I have in my mind of that flawless relationship between Ian and Nina. How dare he! I will make bitter, snide comments and dig Nikki to no end.

lasombrs lasombrs

I am sure with their busy hetic scedhuales living together is the best way to see and spend time together. Buying a house in both names might be a little soon, but most likely just one is buying the home and the other will live there too and the media is blowing it into something bigger. I wouldn't jump on a wedding train yet

nonmember avatar Carrie

Nikki married Paul McDonald like super fast, saying it was meant to be and they were soul mates.. Uh, uh... We will see how this one works out.

Susan Burger

I know that romances in Hollywood are different but my late husband and I lived together pretty soon after we met and got married only 3 and a half months after we met.  We were happily married for 38 years.


nonmember avatar Michelle ward

I moved in practically after 1 day, started gradually moving my stuff into my now husband's flat, never parted and been married for 11&a1/2 years and been together for 12years and have 2 wonderful kids!! So 3weeks is nothing!! If it's right for them (which I'm sure it is), I say best wishes to them!! They obviously care and love each other!! Love at first sight and fate can happen, it did for me!!! ❤️

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