Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Are Divorcing for Kinda Scary Reason

Mariah CareyHere we all thought that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon had a solid, fabulous marriage, but it turns out it's supposedly as combustible as Jay Z and Beyonce's turned out to be. The two are rumored to be headed for divorce court, and while one source said you could trace the beginnings of trouble back to Nick's radio interview where he revealed five women he'd slept with (including Kim Kardashian), another source is saying that isn't what happened at all. In fact, contrary to what people are assuming, it wasn't Mariah that left Nick, but Nick who left Mariah!

Sources tell TMZ that Nick made the decision to leave Mimi because the atmosphere around her is so "toxic" and full of so much "chaos" that he fears for their two children and wants to leave.

Wait, what?! If you fear for your children, why would you leave them?

Sources say Nick wants to set up a separate environment for them, sort of a safe haven, so they have at least one calm place to go to. This sort of jibes with what Nick revealed -- that he and Mariah are living in separate homes.

The source also claims that Nick is worried for Mariah's mental health. Mariah, as you may remember, had an emotional breakdown in 2001 and was hospitalized for that usual celebrity affliction whenever they check into a hospital: "extreme exhaustion." So worries about Mariah's emotional well-being might be well founded.

TMZ also reports that they're told that the kids have already shown signs of "emotional upset" at having to live with Mariah.

Wow, I can't imagine what is going on in that house if any of this is true, maybe a bunch of hangers-on, etc? Who knows. But this is the life that Nick married into and decided to bring children into. Wonder why he's changing his mind now. Guess he can't take it anymore.

At any rate, I'm sure the two will put the health and safety of their kids first.


Image via MariahCarey/Instagram

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N_mar... N_maricle

This actually makes sense to me. Mariah seems a bit mentally unstable IMO...

luvmy... luvmybubs

I thought it would be the other way around with Mariah leaving Nick. Either way, those two did not take much time before tatting each others news on their body and getting married.Extreme infatuation that comes with the honeymoon phase of dating is not the time to marry someone. Things like this is why half of marriages end in divorce.


First off who the hell knows whats going on with the Carters(why are they even mentioned)? Secondly could the last couple of lines in your blog been more bitchy? It's what he married into. Frankly people marry for what they think they're marrying into, that's why there's divorce. And lastly; I guess he couldn't take it. If/when someone becomes "unstable" people have their breaking point. Also maybe there might be some kind of legal wrangling if he just took the kids with him. 

Gamer... Gamer_mom1

I think spouses are family and when a family member is suffering mentally or emotionally I freakin help them

mrsary mrsary

I agree with gamer. The only reasons for divorce are abuse and someone having an affair with a person they fell in love with.

nonmember avatar Guest

Countless female entertainers suffer because of so many "extras" in their lives. It gets very crowded with a staff full of different personalities. I could never ever do it. Need my privacy. A highly unstable way to live a normal life. How could any marriage/relationship survive?

nonmember avatar me

really? youve never seen any interviews or vh1 mariah carey stories, cribs etc? the woman is a nut case. id go insane if i had to live with her, i cant blame him for leaving. that being said, i agree, when your spouse suffers mentally, you help them, not leave them. but who knows what he tried to do before finally leaving. anyways, not surprised. i hope her well but yeah, wouldnt want to live with her.

justj123 justj123

I heard she is a total bitch prima Donna!! Has to have 'the best of the BEST ' in her dressing/hotel rooms & I would suspect her house is no different! Who would want to stay married to that high maintenance, hot mess!?!? Go figure!! That is why the first one didn't work out!!

jamam... jamamama00

And what constitutes abuse exactly? Abuse is not only physical. I've seen and heard some inside stories about this woman and she is supposedly a total nightmare.

nonmember avatar FloejyBaby

I don't know how true this article is, but I have known personally Mariah has vanity issues/mental issues. She's likely a narcissist which can be very unhealthy for those closely involved. Children are seen more as objects and possessions. Here is my proof:

A close friend of mine is a promoter for a radio station in a major urban city, of course I can't share too many details for identity privacy, but he had to make arrangements for her visit/interview and help with pre show arrangements. I can't remember the exact amount she requested, but I remember it being ridiculously more than any one person would eat in a week, needless to say, she was only scheduled to be in town less than 48 hours for the entire debacle. So let's say, at least a few pounds...of what you're asking? Skittles! And why is it a big deal? Because she demanded they were ALL THE SAME COLOR (I can't remember the exact color). The point is, they had to purchase 5 times more bags than the AMOUNT she requested because she insisted only ONE color. And if you haven't realized it at this point, yes, it they had to recruit a team of people to get the task completed in time because going through let's say, 50+ bags of Skittles and picking out one color by hand (with gloves) takes a lot of TIME!! Needles to say by the end of completing her required task, she was hated, well at least by my friend. He was completely disgusted by her.

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