Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon Are Divorcing for Kinda Scary Reason

Mariah CareyHere we all thought that Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon had a solid, fabulous marriage, but it turns out it's supposedly as combustible as Jay Z and Beyonce's turned out to be. The two are rumored to be headed for divorce court, and while one source said you could trace the beginnings of trouble back to Nick's radio interview where he revealed five women he'd slept with (including Kim Kardashian), another source is saying that isn't what happened at all. In fact, contrary to what people are assuming, it wasn't Mariah that left Nick, but Nick who left Mariah!


Sources tell TMZ that Nick made the decision to leave Mimi because the atmosphere around her is so "toxic" and full of so much "chaos" that he fears for their two children and wants to leave.

Wait, what?! If you fear for your children, why would you leave them?

Sources say Nick wants to set up a separate environment for them, sort of a safe haven, so they have at least one calm place to go to. This sort of jibes with what Nick revealed -- that he and Mariah are living in separate homes.

The source also claims that Nick is worried for Mariah's mental health. Mariah, as you may remember, had an emotional breakdown in 2001 and was hospitalized for that usual celebrity affliction whenever they check into a hospital: "extreme exhaustion." So worries about Mariah's emotional well-being might be well founded.

TMZ also reports that they're told that the kids have already shown signs of "emotional upset" at having to live with Mariah.

Wow, I can't imagine what is going on in that house if any of this is true, maybe a bunch of hangers-on, etc? Who knows. But this is the life that Nick married into and decided to bring children into. Wonder why he's changing his mind now. Guess he can't take it anymore.

At any rate, I'm sure the two will put the health and safety of their kids first.


Image via MariahCarey/Instagram

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