Nicki Minaj's Dancer Bit By 6-Foot-Long Snake During MTV VMA Rehearsals


Oh, the things you have to do to make it in show business!

Nicki Minaj, who you just knew had something controversial up her sleeve (not that she wears anything with sleeves) for this Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards show has proven that her Anaconda absolutely wants some -- only what it wants is a bite out of her backing dancer.

One of Nicki's poor dancers was apparently bitten by a 6-foot-long snake while the singer was rehearsing for the big show. Let's hope she is getting paid well for this gig.

TMZ learned that the snake, which is probably an anaconda, bit the dancer as she, Minaj, and the other performers were on stage performing her song, Anaconda, which has taken the world by storm, mainly because the video stars her impressive butt doing impressive things, including giving Drake a lap dance that would put every stripper in California out of business if she decided to give up singing.

The dancer was taken to a hospital, where she's being treated. Thankfully, anacondas are not venomous, though their bite could pass bacteria into the skin, which could lead to an infection.

The reptile was placed in a container and removed from the stage. No word yet on whether Nicki will perform tomorrow night with the snake, but my money is on the singer going through with it and proving that the only thing she truly fears is going through life as a "skinny b***h in the club."

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Plus, if you remember the 2001 VMA's, Britney Spears totally kicked butt dancing with a yellow python around her shoulders like it was a Birkin bag. You don't think Nicki is going to let Brit upstage her, do you?

Do you think Nicki will perform with the anaconda? What other craziness do you expect from her at the VMA's?


Image via nickiminaj/Instagram

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TNRCa... TNRCatLady

Poor dancer? More like poor snake. Sorry but that's what happens when you try and use these poor animals for show business. They do not belong on an mtv stage, they belong in the wild. Even people who are scared of snakes or think they are creepy should be able to understand that.

craft... craftycatVT

Right on Catlady! Animals are living beings, not cool props!

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