New '19 Kids & Counting' Season 9 Promo Promises Lots of Duggar Wedding Details

Jill DuggarAre you excited for new episodes of 19 Kids and Counting? Season 9 of TLC’s hit reality show featuring the Duggar family is set to premiere Tuesday September 2, and we are more stoked than ever after watching the first promo clip for the season.

Thanks to social media, we already know that it’s going to be a wild season, if for no other reason than Jill Duggar’s wedding to Derick Dillard is likely to be prominently featured -- and maybe even her pregnancy announcement! Plus Jessa Duggar is now engaged to Ben Seewald, Josh and Anna Duggar apparently have some news about their growing family, and of course the usual Duggar shenanigans are bound to ensue.

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In an all new ad for 19 Kids and Counting, it seems that Season 9 is going to pick up right where the last one left off -- with Jill and Derrick's engagment. From the clips, it looks like we're going to get a front row seat to dress fittings, cake tastings, and all the feely-feels that a close-knit family goes through when one of its members leaves to create a family of her own.

Take a look at the preview to ooh and ahh over a glimpse of Jill's beautiful dress, her walk down the aisle, Michelle's blessing for her first daughter to tie the knot, and even Jim Bob's tears as he prepares to give his daughter away to her groom.

It looks like the premiere is going to be one touchy-feely kick-off to the new season!

Are you excited for the new season of 19 Kids and Counting?


Image via Duggarfam/Instagram



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Karin Ralph

Can i tell you how disappointed i am that apparently we are not going to get 19 Kids and Counting. It is not showing it on our TLC channel with U-Verse. This really stinks, cuz we have watched this show from the beginning. VERY DISAPPOINTED

nonmember avatar a guest

Seriously? No Thank you! Bunch of Hypocrites if you ask me. I think Social Services and Child Welfare needs to step in. There is something really wrong with this family.

nonmember avatar Me

Sweet photo of Jill and Derrick,Hope their wedding is the first episode or I'll miss it because of my vacation.

Anoth... AnotherKim

There is something really wrong with "guest" if they think Social Services needs to waste their time with this family. I don't watch the show very often, but I may watch for the wedding. They're such a cute couple. They ought to be fun to watch.

nonmember avatar Gloria Muyomba

This is a wonderful family with Christian morals and value.This family make their own living and doedoesn't receive any government to help raise their children.

nonmember avatar AllisonMH90

In my own opinion, I think if you want to have "as many children as God allows", and you don't use birth control, that's your decision- as long as your family can provide for and take care of ALL of them. Michelle and Jim Bob seem like wonderful, patient, loving parents who would encourage any of their children to take whatever path they feel as though they are being led on. Notice how none of their children have been encarcerated, none of them use drugs, they aren't living on the streets, and they all have unconditional love and respect for one another and their parents. There is respect without fear, discipline when needed, and Michelle home schools her children up through high school graduation. So many people look at Michelle and Jim Bob and call them "crazy", "child hoarders", "religious extremists". There is always at least one person within a Duggar article's comments section that has something negative to say about the family. Maybe we should stop focusing on their lifestyle choices, and how WE feel about them, and focus on the simple fact that we live in a free country, where it is up to us as individuals to be responsible for our own actions. This family is loving, giving, caring, and are completely capable of taking care of the entire family. If you don't like the Duggars, then don't watch the show or read the articles, it's that simple. Just because their life may not be right for you, that doesn't make it wrong.

nonmember avatar heavesymphorien

Well said Allison, that person guest is a dam fool I bet she wished she had a family like the duggars some people are just plain stupid with their comments .the duggars are doing all the right things in their life serving the lord loving thrir family n living their life in a proper way duh h

nonmember avatar lynne mcilvaine

Our country would be better off if more parents were like the Duggars.

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