Chelsea Houska Slammed for Sharing Totally Innocent Photo of Aubree

Chelsea HouskaChelsea Houska has always been on the cutting edge of fashion -- for herself and her little girl Aubree. Heck, she even put some temporary hair dye into her daughter's hair recently. But that was temporary, and short-term temporary at that.

Has this Teen Mom 2 star officially taken things too far? Chels shared a picture on Instagram on Friday, and within approximately two seconds, was slammed for shaving Aubree's head.

Chelsea posted this adorable photo of her 4-year-old looking out the window of an airport, obviously watching planes landing and taking off, just like every other kid in America (and most adults, who pretend not to be interested in such things but secretly are). She captioned it with a simple "She's SO excited. Travel baby," along with an emoji of a smiley face and an airplane.

And then the comments. Oh, the comments. People immediately jumped on Chelsea for shaving half of Aubree's hair off, because some shadow or camera glare ran across the sweet little girl's head. It's almost like they were just waiting for an excuse -- any excuse -- to jump all over the reality star.

But geez, this is just a totally innocent photo of a darling little girl, most likely on her way to a Teen Mom 2 reunion special (it looks like Jenelle Evans on the way too). The criticism is unwarranted, unnecessary, and frankly, just plain ridiculous.

Did you think it looks like Chelsea shaved Aubree's head?


Image via Chelsea Houska/Instagram

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Jennifer Morgante

does it matter? parents shave little boys heads all the time. because she's a girl its different?! ridiculous.

Paike... Paikea1974

l find half-shaven heads really tacky but it's Chelsea's child and desicion! It's no business of me, you or ANYONE but her's!

nonmember avatar Bobby

What do I think? I think people share too much. Take a pic of your kid and then show it to your friends and family that know you and care.

Noahs... Noahs-Mom

It doesnt matter she is HER daughter. Period. 

nonmember avatar Kat

She didn't shave her head it's a glare! Calm down and maybe I'm wrong but even if she's still beautiful and Chelsea can do whatever she wants

nonmember avatar ray

Doesn't even look like her head is shaved but if it was it doesn't hurt and it grows back

nonmember avatar Desiree

It's more than likely a glare. Or maybe if it's shaved it was because she got gum in her hair or cut it herself. Whatever it is, I'm pretty sure that little girl only popped outta one girls body. It's none of anyone's business and no one else's opinion matters! Find something worth while to write about, really!!

nonmember avatar jan

Its chelseas business what she does with her own child. She provides her child with everything she needs and to have people jump in with judgement and criticism the minute she does one thing which by the way is only assumption. This whole country both America and Canada Have become so judgmental on the people who do try hard for their chilren. Personally I don't think its fair that one minute she is loved and the next minute she gets turned on from one assumption. I understand that that's how the world works now we live in a world of judgement and criticism but what about compassion and understanding. The only people who think that way r volunteers or people who have actually gone through hardships themselves.

nonmember avatar Tiffany Borsvol

If you look below the pony tail you can clearly see that her daughters hair was not shaved. If it was so what I see boys around this girls age with Mohawks and I don't see any of you putting the parents down. She's not your child grow up. If you sit there and criticize the way that other people raise their children criticize your own. Do you know what what your kid or kids are doing? Leave this family alone. She hasn't done anything wrong in my eyes.

nonmember avatar judi

even if she did- so what?!

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