'Extreme Guide to Parenting' May Be Putting Child Abuse On Display (VIDEO)

It wasn't me who said it -- I'm just repeating it! LOL. Seriously, I had dropped Bravo's Extreme Guide to Parenting after episode 1 because it horrified me so much, but it's back on The Real Deal by request. Also today, Don't Be TardyLeAnn & Eddie and some juicy naked gossip. Dating Naked, that is.

Kim Zolciak is a flip-flopper at the moment, but it's not her fault, it's her network. Is she on Sundays? Thursdays? Both? Very confusing. Nevertheless, once I finally found the episode on my DVR and watched it, I realized what she has in common with Will Ferrell. Or Melissa McCarthy. Or both. Confused? In today's exclusive video below I explain it all.

Next, Marisa Silver Eisenberg's reaction to a child psychologist telling her she is guilty of child abuse, is to discount and dismiss him. Yes, it's Extreme Guide to Parenting time. I noticed a pattern with each set of parents, the Eisenbergs included, and break down in today's episode what leads people to do a show such as this, what the editors have in mind, and what makes a Tiger Mom.

LeAnn Rimes has two problems. One is her show, and the other is her husband. Oh wait, three problems. Her viewers and vocal Twitter detractors. How on earth did we get to this point? I discuss the difficulty Eddie Cibrian seems to be having with reality TV, and what's really behind their dog's anxiety issues.

Finally, there's trouble in Naked-land. Dating Naked, that is. It's not the success rate -- apparently 6 couples are still together and one engaged. Nope, they have a $10 million dollar problem by the name of Jessie Nizewitz. In today's video I examine the problem, the solution, whether her suit is justified and how VH1 may want to handle things in future seasons. Watch now!

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Do you think those Extreme Guide to Parenting parents are crazy?


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Mike Peters

On Extreme Parenting, I might call it exploiting their children, but not necessarly abuse. I never watched LeAnn & Eddie. I think Dating Naked will get another season. I watch the show most of the time myself.

nonmember avatar DameAng

I see you finally understand Kim. Except for her business dealings with Kandi she is a fairly straight shooter. Does she need to clean up her mouth, for sure. With her past life I find is wonderful that the older girls seem as grounded as they are. Southern parents can be indulgent as any up East parent. I knew of a 6th graders birthday party where they got manie and pedis and had lunch which watching a private fashion show!!! All I could think was what is this kid going to expect when she turn 16.

nonmember avatar Kate

Hey Alex, I love your vlogs! They are always on point and I love that you have actually experienced reality tv so you have a better idea of how it works. I didn't think I'd like Don't Be Tardy but I actually do enjoy it. There's no crazy and ridiculous drama compared to the other shows. Its light, funny, and easy to watch. I have no interest in watching Leann and Eddie, I don't think they should have a show. Extreme Parenting- at first I was like I cannot watch this. Unfortunately its become by guilty please. I didn't catch that they are all promoting something. I think its sad that they are willing to exploit their children to get on tv.

Kelli Scharfenberg

I was so horrified by the Extreme Parenting Show's first episode with the push parenting. Why are we glorifying child abuse! Nothing about this is developmentally appropriate and should not be shown as a "good thing". I hope a child welfare agency checks into the "true" well being of this poor child.

boa134 boa134

It's definitely exploiting the children for their own ego or business.  "Child abuse" is a bit harsh, IMO.  They might be creating little people who will never be able to move out, so in the end it's masochistic.

I love Kim's show.  I didn't think I would but I find her and Kroy and the girls genuine and funny.  She's wrong in all the right ways.

I haven't watched LeAnn and Eddie, I refused to.  I don't want to help them glorify their cheating and exploiting of the children.  Everything you say only confirms for me that it's not worth it.

Lynn Cattanio

They are showing a exstream parent tonight with porn stars and their little girl is playing with their sex toys!!! Omg what is going on here!!!!! 

Put their sorry ass in jail! This is child porn!!! On our tv

Lynn Cattanio

Please this little girl needs help!! I'm calling child protective service!! If anyone knows who or where I start please let me know! I'm scared for this little girl and her well being. She is teaching her about sex toys telling her what the sex toy penis does and where it goes. Omg where I come from this couple would be dealt with but the fact bravo tv is paying parents to do this to their kids blows me away. 

nonmember avatar Ellen

I am horrified by tonight's porn star parenting. Protective services needs to be called. I can't believe bravo with allow this abuse to be shown.

nonmember avatar rp

I cannot believe but these people allowed clear child abuse on Bravo!!!I can't believe I've been watching Bravo for many years and yes some of the stuff is outrageous from time to time but this episode with the porno people has surpassed anything I've ever watched on TV!!

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