Kim Kardashian's New Look Is Basically High Fashion Pasties (PHOTO)

kim kardashian

There's revealing, and then there's Kim Kardashian in a bodysuit with all sorts of crazy cut-outs that make you wonder, "How the heck is she not falling out of that thing?" Kim recently posted a photo to Instagram of, duh, herself, where she's wearing a super-sexy outfit that doesn't hide much more than pasties would, if we're being honest. 

She looks beautiful and perfect, as always -- but I think this is one of the few outfits that would actually look better on someone who isn't so ... well-endowed. One wrong move and it's boob city for Kim in this thing.

Check it out:

kim kardashian

Kinda crazy, huh? And here's another just for good measure:

kim kardashian

Like I said, stunning. Her hair is flawless; her makeup is gorgeous -- even the jumpsuit is really pretty. But from the waist up, it's just ... so revealing. If I were Kim I would have been so nervous all night that I was going to spill out of this. I'm guessing there's a serious layer of Hollywood tape on underneath this thing.

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I actually think that Kim looks great in a jumpsuit -- it's not something she usually wears and it's a nice deviation from her typical dresses and tight jeans. But I kind of wish there was just the slightest bit of extra fabric on the top part of this get-up. As is, it's hard to focus on what she's wearing. Then again, that might just be how Kim likes it.

What do you think of Kim's outfit? Too much? Not enough?


Images via Splash News; Kim Kardashian/Instagram



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Cooks... Cookster792

This woman is so disgusting. She likes to have everything hanging out. Her daughter is gonna be so embarassed when she gets older. 

Michael Wagner

She's simply incredibly wonderful and gorgeous. I love her beautiful long hair! She's just flawless <3 :)

Melissa Ann Elizondo-Loya

She looks awesome ! For those who criticize her must not feel confident of themselves! Lol, haters!!!!

nonmember avatar Bella

It's less revealing than a bikini. Calm down people :) haha

nonmember avatar Amy

Like I said before, as a MOM something like this should not warn.

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