Nick Cannon Confirms What We All Feared About His Marriage to Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon

This is really sad! Speculation started earlier this week that Nick Cannon and his wife Mariah Carey were on the brink of divorce. Neither party has mentioned the 'D' word themselves, with Mariah staying totally mum on the issue. But today, Cannon himself spoke up and admitted that things haven't been going well for a while now between the couple, who have two kids together. Ugh! This makes me genuinely sad for reasons I cannot fully explain.

While Cannon is open about the fact that he and Mariah have been "living separate lives," he doesn't seem to think that this means their marriage is over. Or if that's what he's really thinking, he's not saying it. Cannon seems like a good guy and, true to this, says his biggest priority throughout this time of upheaval with Mariah is to maintain a stable and happy life for their children. Nick Cannon. I have quietly come to believe that you are the greatest.

Nick wouldn't tell interviewers what, exactly, what caused their marital problems. But he was really quick to shoot down the notion that their schism was because of any infidelity. That's what the rumor mill had been speculating could be the source of his friction with his lady fair. 

Living two separate lives in two separate homes isn't exactly a vote of confidence for their marriage in the long-term, but I really want to believe in these crazy kids. Maybe his upfront nature and honesty with the reporters was an attempt to send a message to Mariah that he's shaping up, if, in fact, he is in any way the responsible party. 

I really hope these two work it out. Their kids are beautiful, and this duo is perfectly kooky for each other -- that's reason enough to try and make it work. If they need further incentive, I would remind them until they get back together, this will be me:

Do you think Nick and Mariah will work it out?


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nonmember avatar The truth

What he really needs is to shut his trap about his wife and there marriage. That really what got him in trouble in the first place is to much information and really don't know when to stop talking

nonmember avatar Shawn

Really who cares if they work it out that's their problem let them work it out , outside help will hurt more than help

nonmember avatar Ryan

I hope it works out just for the simple fact he once had enough faith in her to get that huge back tattoo of her name.

nonmember avatar ASHLEY


nonmember avatar amy

I think she is to old for him anyway. But if it can be worked out great .if not do what they got to do. He can say or talk about what he wants when its his life he is talking about.

nonmember avatar Nellie

Oh i really hope they don't split up i love this couple i really hope they work it out for the sake of there beautiful babies. Plus they are a wonderful couple my favorite Hollywood couple. I will pray for them #loveyoumariah

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