Kim Kardashian's Bra-Dress Is Unlike Anything We've Seen Before (PHOTO)

kim kardashianWowza! Kim Kardashian posted a few pics from a Kardashian Beauty photoshoot, and whoa -- one of the dresses she wore was quite sexy. As opposed to, you know, the usual baggy sweats and Ugg boots she's seen walking around town in. In the photo, Kim's seen posing with Jennifer Aniston's hairdresser and BFF, Chris McMillan, and while her hair and makeup look completely gorgeous, it's hard to ignore the skimpy white dress she's got on that looks like a bra.

You likey?

Pretty hot, no?

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I'm actually really, really loving Kim's old Hollywood glam soft waves and lighter, dewy-looking makeup -- she should definitely rock this more often -- but it's hard to focus on anything else when she's got a dress like that on! Not only does it look a little, um, bra-ish from the side, it appears to be super short and lacy on the bottom, as well. Sex-ay.

Getting dolled up every day certainly isn't every mother's cup of tea, but not gonna lie -- once in a while when I see a photo of Kim, with her fresh hair and makeup and pretty outfit, I think, Man, must be nice.

What do you think of Kim's look here?


Images via Ron Asadorian/Splash News; Kim Kardashian/Instagram



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nonmember avatar DAN

Too sheltered, check out more porn sites and you see dress like that on all the porn stars.

Lori Testy

Maybe she didn't want her boobs all hanging out so she wore a bra. It probably would of looked better without, but to each his own.

Dawn Dealmeida

Can't tell of I like it.. It would help if I could c the whole dress

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