Michelle Duggar Under Fire for Robocall Against Transgender Rights

michelle duggar

Michelle Duggar is receiving some less-than-awesome press today. Whyfore? Because she recorded a robo-call to fight a proposed ordinance to fight discrimination against transgendered individuals. Oh man, Michelle -- what were you thinking? The ordinance seeks to appoint a council member to field complaints from transgender people who think they have been discriminated against. But Michelle seems to think passing the ordinance would allow sexual predators access to children. Uh, that is a HUGE and nonsensical leap, yo.

I genuinely dig this lady. She's truly gifted when it comes to interacting with children, and I think every human being should be allowed to live their life in whatever way they see fit. In theory, someone in Michelle's position should believe the same thing! She's received her own share of criticism from the country (and the world) about her decision to continue having children. You'd think as such she'd be more sensitive to the feelings and rights of others.

This ordinance (which passed, by the way, in spite of her call) would be preventing other human beings from being persecuted for no crimes other than asserting their identities. Michelle's ignorance is the only thing this call revealed. Promoting the false idea that every member of the transgendered community is a pedophile is just unspeakably stupid. I wish there was a nicer word I could use, but there isn't. Dumb, dumb, dumb.

It's great to see a celebrity (albeit of the reality persuasion) try and use their star-power to support a cause they believe in. But if that cause involves limiting the rights of other people on this planet, it stops being great and starts being really depressing. Michelle should try and practice some of the love and understanding that she hawks on her show or she is going to lose some fans.

What do you think of Michelle's robo-call?


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Snapp... SnappleQueen

The word is transgender not transgendered.

nonmember avatar ugh

Her voice makes me want to drive a screwdriver through my ear.

Mrs-M Mrs-M

it's not her fault people don't have high enough IQs understand what she's saying. she meant that pre-op transgendered men should'nt be allowed in a female space. It might sound ridiculos, but those rights are now given. What if a sex offender because of this decides to dress as a woman and go into a female space because he now can?? Do you get it NOW?? Only Post-Op Transgendered should be allowed in a female restroom not Pre-Op.

Jaysg... Jaysgal426

While I see the mistake in associating all transgender people with pedophiles, I can see her point. How would this work with men in dressing rooms. I understand a man wanting to be and feeling like he was really born a women, but he still has the anatomy of a man (with the exception of those men who have surgery). So if a man didn't have surgery or couldn't afford surgery, would he still be allowed in a women's locker room? I wouldn't want a grown man in all his glory naked changing next to me naked in a locker room. Would they have to use the changing stations? To me, I think to ask questions or disagree, means I am discriminating against Transgender people. Aren't there feelings only equal to importance of those people that they will be affecting?

Mrs-M Mrs-M

I might add that it's not "bigoted" we live in a sick world! Post-Op's are people who have been through a phycological examination proving their gender before re-assighnment. So therefore should only have rights to being a "Woman" once they've had surgery. If you've got a penis use the Boys room until you've got a vagina. DUH

Snapp... SnappleQueen

Mrs-M - Your comment is quite bigoted and your absurd fear unfounded, not supported by evidence, and simply a smoke screen to mistreat people. Nothing is stopping pedophiles from sneaking into bathrooms now. Jesus. 

Snapp... SnappleQueen

Jaysgal426 - Your logic is the same nonsense people used to justify excluding gay & lesbian people from locker rooms & blacks from white-only spaces. Congrats on digging back 50 years into history to support your argument. Well-played. 

nonmember avatar Melissa Campbel

She absolutely right! No man or woman want to be should be allowed in a true woman's space.

nonmember avatar Melissa Campbel

She's absolutely right! No man or woman want to be should be allowed in a true woman's space.

Kara Strutz

I disagree with your article, she is not calling all transgender people pedophiles, she is talking about pedophiles using this to take advantage and expose themselves to little girls and women and worse.

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