Kim Kardashian Looks So Much Like Kylie Jenner in New Photo It's Scary


Kim Kardashian Kendall Jenner Kylie Jenner

If you thought seeing Kim Kardashian's hair in cornrows was a crazy transformation, wait until you get a load of yet another makeover she had for a recent photo shoot.

You guys? I had to do a triple take when I first saw this, because I was totally convinced the girl in the photo was Kylie Jenner, not Kim.

Yeah, yeah, I know they've looked sort of alike in the past, but this is dramatically different. I promise.

Take a look and see who you think it is at first glance!

OMG. Crazy, right? She looks EXACTLY like Kylie in this pic, right down to the expression on her face and the way she's touching her hair. 

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Seriously, the resemblance is uncanny! And even though this was all in good fun, Kim should honestly think about trying out a drastic, more edgy new look. Don't you love the short hair on her? It takes years off her age (not that she looks that old to begin with, but you know what I mean), and it gives her a little more of a fun vibe too.

Wait -- you're right. I'm sure Kanye West would throw an absolute fit if she so much as mentioned the word scissors in reference to her long locks.

Oh well, at least this photo shoot gave her bragging rights as far as looking so much like her teenage sister that it's tough to tell them apart!

Did you think this was Kylie at first?


Image via Splash News



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nonmember avatar dan

Well they do have the same plastic surgeon so it stands to reason that with every operation they would start to look more and more like each other.

nonmember avatar GuestLove

No worries about Kanye having a fit if Kim cut her hair. Kim routinely wears pieces and weaves; there is probably not much of her own hair to cut.

Dawn Dealmeida

Looks like Kim 2 me.. I'm sure of it I'd bet on it..

nonmember avatar Kira

I thought it was kylie until I saw the nose, Kim looks like a younger kris though

nonmember avatar jennifer

I tHink kendall looks just like kris in the top picture with her hair slicked back

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