'RHOC' May Be Over for Good & Here's Why (VIDEO)

real housewivesMe oh my. On the Season 9 Finale of The Real Housewives of Orange County, some words were had. Angry words, words requiring some to grab a thesaurus...lots and LOTS of words. In today's exclusive episode below, I break down what I saw behind-the-scenes as well as Terry Dubrow versus David Beador. And Heather, Shannon and Tamra. Also, Episode 3 of Jersey Belle and just WHAT makes this show different.

Is anyone else confused about who and what started all the trouble in Orange County? Between Shannon BeadorHeather Dubrow and Tamra Judge, there is so much gossip going around online that it bleeds into my opinion of what I'm seeing. In any case, in today's show I discuss the "confess to your husband" scenes and what function those serve, what Terry may have been thinking and what I felt was a cheap shot.

There was some alarming cinematography on RHOC as well, which makes me wonder what the producers have in mind for the franchise's future. One thing I did appreciate was, like this week's RHONJ, the family scenes balancing out the drama. And wasn't it a nice scene for Tamra and Brooks Ayers? Regardless of what happens, that's one of those moments both cast members can look back on as a good thing to have done.

Over to Birmingham, Alabama, we've also got Jaime Primak Sullivan and the Jersey Belles. I took a good look at the series in today's episode below -- both at the concept of the show and how it really is a neat hybrid of many genres. Why the opening credits were designed with Luci Beavers and Danielle Yancey in the foreground and what Michael Sullivan's role is, by default or by choice. Watch now!

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Do you think there should be another season of RHOC?


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Gail Froelich

I am shocked and disgusted at Terry Debrow. Heather and Terry, and Lizzie and hubby seemed to be the reasonable ones of the bunch. There was no excuse for Terry to blow up like that. Maybe it is time to say goodbye to RHOC.

cahou... cahousewife

I also thought Daniele seemed like a real life Charlotte York. Jersey belle is so much more enjoyable to watch compared to rh of oc.The women on jersey belle treat each other nicely,no yelling,no backstabbing.I can barely watch rh of oc anymore...all that petty,juvenile behavior...i would be afraid if i ran into any of those housewives...whereas i would like to meet jamie and her friends..

nonmember avatar medicated fan

I am surprised you found David's apology to be smarmy. I thought it sounded completely sincere. I'm wondering how the Dubrow' s are feeling about this season. I think they came off horribly.

Karen Mitchell

I found Davids apology honest not smarmy at all. Terry lost a fan in me when I saw the way he acted tword David. I am done watching botched, David was a real gentleman and Terry was disgusting.

cahou... cahousewife

Medicated fan and karen mitchell,i completely agree with your comments.

nonmember avatar Junie

I am not making any excuses for Terry Dubrow. his behavior was inexcusable. Quite beneath him. Having said that,I believe that David sounded totally insincere. I find that he seems full of it and most of the time when he talks to Shannon he is just placating her. He treats her like a demented child. Sad but true. He is not genuine at all. Shannon is so self involved she can't see the truth about her marriage to this punk.( Yeah, David is a punk).He is just going through the motionsmotions.There is not much of a marriage between them. Shannon is too self involved to really see what he is all about. Or maybe she does not want to see the complete sham her marriage is. He is so done with Shannon. You can see the look of disgust on his face when she behaves like a loon. Actually I feel bad for her. Really. I firmly believe he loves his daughters and that is why he is still there (that and Shannon's money!)

nonmember avatar DameAng

I love Jersey Belle it rings so genuine, real women, real men no fake boobs. Did Terry go too far? Yes, could it be everyone ganged up on Heather in the beginning of this season maybe. But the truth is more than likely he and Heather just don't like the "Baddoors". That cat ate the canary smirk of David's makes him looks like he is not sincere.

Cathy Tressler Little

Why didn't Terry get mad / irate over the commen Eddie had to say "show us how you ride Terry" that was worse then what David said in front of his mother and young children. Didnt Vicky also say that Tamra said to her as well that Terry said he wanted to take the Debros "down". Tamra is nothing but trouble (disgustingly) Heather is so holier then tho, with such a snob attitude.

nonmember avatar Xtina

Why am I the only one who sees this? Tamra, once again, pulling the strings. She sees she has lost Vicki and Heather as supporters, so she went on a mission once she got home from Bali.

She knows Vicki will forgive her if she says she is sorry about Brooks. Done.

She knows Heather has been beat up on all season and doesn't really trust anyone. So, when Heather thought "going to the source" (Tamra) would clarify what was true and who us trying to play her, she (stupidly) believed Tamra's claims that everyone else was out to get her. (Remember, Tamra has been nothing but nice to Heather's face. So Heather is back on board with Tamra.

Tamra used Heather's observation of Shannon telling Vicki to stay away from Tamra to further her point: "Shannon told me the exAct same thing about you!" Also pretty dumb of Heather to believe, but she did, so she went in to the final dinner thinking Shannon is hating on her. Terry just supported his wife.

And David is so greasy I can't look at him.

Looooong comment, but it seemed so obvious to me!!! TAMRA IS UP TO HER USUAL B.S!!!

Peggy Harper

Tamara is nothing but a liar and a troublemaker. Her life is so unhappy she tries to bring everyone else down. Terry is such a whimp, he is so afraid of his wife, he always says what SHE wants to hear. No opinions of his own. So afraid of making her angry - maybe a little abuse going on here? She is nasty and rude and does not like anyone who might have a little more money than her.

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