Jenelle Evans' Plan to Get Custody of Jace Takes a Really Bizarre Turn

Jenelle Evans & Jace

Now that she has another baby and seems to be doing a perfectly fine job of taking care of him, doesn't it seem a little strange that Jenelle Evans does not have custody of Jace yet?

I mean, I know her mom, Barbara, would probably be more than happy to continue raising him, but you'd think Jenelle would be doing everything she can to ensure that Jace eventually comes to live with her and Nathan Griffith full time.

But based on a recent Twitter exchange, it sounds like Jenelle might not have any intention of gaining custody of Jace, as crazy as that notion is.

Hmm. So she's not taking the case back to the courts? Regardless of how good her relationship is with her mother these days, don't the courts kind of have to get involved when it comes to these sorts of issues?

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Maybe we're reading too much into her statement, but it almost sounds like Jenelle has given up on the idea of getting custody of Jace for good, or at least until he's older.

Given the fact that he is in Kindergarten, it could be that it's just easier to keep him in the home that he knows instead of making such a huge change in his life. I'm sure the last thing Jenelle wants is to uproot him and take him away from Babs before he's good and ready, so maybe she really does have his best interests at heart.

But then again, it's tough to imagine a mom not wanting to have her child living with her more than anything in the world, so it does seem really odd for Jenelle to delay things any longer.

Hmm. Something fishy definitely seems to be going on here. But let's just hope there is a reasonable explanation, and Jenelle hasn't decided to quit fighting for her little boy all together. As baby Kaiser gets older, it's only going to become harder for Jace to understand why his mom can care for his brother, but not for him.

Do you think Jenelle will ever get custody of Jace?


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nonmember avatar krystian

I'm sure she will get custody back of him.

But like you said he is comfortable right now, and it's in his best interest to stay with Barbara right now.

It would screw him up to go from every weekend to full time with Janelle, and Nathan and a new baby.

And no the courts don't need to get involved, as long as Barbara agrees they just sign the papers

Sarah Renee

Jenelle's doing a "great job" mothering Kaiser? Too bad nothing like that comes across on the show that turned her from an exceptionally obnoxious, unlikable teen with no apparent redeemable qualities into the pathological Frankenfreak who has zero concept of empathy. Jenelle stands out among MTV teen moms for becoming increasingly more IMMATURE over the years. Her phone, fights, whims, and whatever disgusting guy she happens to be hooked up with all take precedence over her children, including her latest poor little issue with the unfortunate name. "It's in Anglo Saxon and German" the homely, bloated, permanently red faced human cyst called Nathan stupidly blurted out to explain his soon to be son's pretentious moniker. These two are simply not examples of stable, decent parents because they've demonstrated repeatedly an inability to put others before themselves. Watching Jenelle abuse their pet dogs in front of Jace was beyond disturbing. She needs to get her tubes tied.

hart57 hart57

Her mom never took her to court, Jenelle willing signed over her rights. Her mom threaten to if she didn't. So I image she can sign over her (barb) at anytime if she chooses.

sandl... sandlinmix6

From wat I've read, is Barbara would sign rights back to janelle if she stays sober for a year. Not sure if it's true but she might not have to go back to court if barb signs her rights back to janelle.

Mommy... Mommynwife26

All her mom has to do is sign her rights back over to Janelle, Barbra never adopted Jace there is no reason to go in front of a judge it is easy as paper work. For all we know it's already been done......

nonmember avatar Nikki Cameron

I'm not even a Jenelle fan. Quite the opposite actually. But this story line is straight bullsh*t! Trying to stir drama is all this is doing. Like another poster said ^^ Jenelle willingly signed temporary custody of Jace over so therefore it never went to court. SO... are you ready for this?....... All Barbara has to do is the SAME! Just sign a damn piece of paper and it's done. Now, find some real stories and wrote about those please. Thanks!

Tammy Bonta

I think it is great that she leaves him in his stable home, she needs more stability before she takes him!

cbuck88 cbuck88

it seems to me that she was just being sarcastic about it not going to court.. i mean she did put #keepguessing  maybe I'm reading into that wrong tho.

nonmember avatar brooke

I think she already has custody of jace shes left a few.hints on twitter by saying just keep watching teen mom

nonmember avatar Bethany

Maybe because of past stuff they won't let her go forward with court till they think she has proved herself it happens all the time where the child tht has been taken before gets left in limbo while mom or dad has the other. But if I remember right she signed her rights over to Barbra so it's all a matter of weather her mom thinks she is fit

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