‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Chris Bukowski Slams Marcus Grodd

chris bukowskiShots have been fired, ladies and gentlemen! As Chris Bukowski and Elise Mosca ignited their lust love on last night's Bachelor in Paradise, the rest of the cast wasn't to keen on Chris' moves. One contestant in particular made his opinions very clear. Marcus Grodd, who last appeared on Andi Dorfman's season, even went so far as to call Chris a player. But would Chris take that sitting down?

Um. No. In fact, the guy took to Twitter to fire back at Marcus with some below-the-belt shots of his own. Take a look:

Well that escalated quickly. And dayummm! Those are fightin' words. Seems like we have a brand new Bachelor-nation feud a-brewin'.

Granted, the lie detector asked about "fewer than 20 women," so Chris wasn't exactly right, but the general idea still stands. Way to air his dirty laundry all over the internet, man.

Sure, you can claim that Marcus fired the first shot with the "player" comment, but Chris definitely delivered the matching blow. Now we just have to wait and see how/if Marcus decides to respond.

Choose your words carefully, Mr. Grodd.

Who do you side with in this argument?


Image via chrisjbukowski/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Bachelorette 62

First of all...Chris you are a player always have an you will continue to be just that! Say, what you want about Marcus, you are just jealous. You brought up the lie detector test,who stalks out at the Mansion on Andi's season,just to meet her,you were not invited,you have a lot of nerve you jerk. We have had you pegged from fay one You Are Just Like Juan Pablo, a player! Marcus plays by the rules. I fell in love with him he is a no drama guy. Time for you Chris, to grow up. Typical jerk. Why did ABC have you on this show. Once again, you had to have the spotlight. You make me sick. The Stir..come up with better stories,you keep repeating just junk. I hope Marcus finds love this time, it is so

well deserved.

Diana Blaker

Marcus should go home a lonely man! He's obviously not here to find love! He's here to spread his love around!

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