Kourtney Kardashian Shares Her Most Intimate Pic Yet (PHOTO)

kourtney kardashianIt's well-known that Kourtney Kardashian slept with her son, Mason, for a long time, despite it being a point of contention for her and her partner, Scott Disick. But, recently, in an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, there was a scene where Kim asked Mason if he was "sleeping in his Star Wars bed," and he said yes, giving the impression that he no longer shares a bed with his mama. Well, looks like that's not exactly the case. Kourtney recently shared an incredibly sweet photo of her family (minus Scott) on Instagram, and it looks like now she's not only sleeping with Mason, she's sleeping with her cute daughter, Penelope, too!

Check out the adorable pic of pregnant Kourtney, Peneleope, and Mason all crashed out on their bed. Doesn't exactly look super comfy, but so cute!


It kinda looks like Penelope's got the best deal here, what with her foot on her big brother's face and all. And, actually, Kourt doesn't appear to be super uncomfy, being that she's got her pregnancy body pillow as a little bit of a buffer. So cute.

Cosleeping certainly isn't for everyone, but I think it's sweet that Kourtney still shares a bed with her kids on occasion. The only thing I'm wondering is: What are they going to do when baby number three comes?!

Do you sleep with your kids? What do you think of Kourtney sleeping with Mason and Penelope?


Images via Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram

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