'Real Housewives of Orange County' Season Finale Recap: Terry Dubrow Was SO Out Of Line

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terry dubrowUgh! The season finale of The Real Housewives of Orange County was frustrating! The women came back from Bali with so much unresolved beef. I hoped that Vicki's post-Bali bash would be the perfect opportunity for everyone to hash stuff out and identify the REAL enemy (Tamra Judge). Sadly that didn't happen. Instead the women are more divided than ever. The real drama of the episode came when Terry Dubrow (of all people) called David Beador a penis. That happened. 

Yes, it was the penis-calling heard 'round the world. For anyone wondering what keeps Terry and Heather Dubrow together, the answer is this: Neither party is capable of accepting an apology and moving on. We've seen it with Shannon Beador trying time and time to make things right with Heather, and now we're seeing with their spouses. Oh mama, PLEASE. Don't they realize how petty it makes them look when they don't accept apologies like grown-ups? Barf. 

Terry was apparently "incensed" over a quasi-salacious comment David made when Heather mounted the mechanical bull at their housewarming party. Here's why that's bogus: David playfully tells her to spread her legs....but EDDIE JUDGE literally yelled "Show us how you ride Terry!" Yeah, if anyone was being disrespectful, it was clearly Eddie. It's obvious that this dig at David was just a ploy in Terry's continuing quest to back up his wife's issues with Shannon. 

So nothing was really resolved this episode! Terry called David a penis and everyone yelled at each other some. Truth be told, the silver lining in all of this is that it sets us up perfectly for next week's reunion special! Eep! Did you guys see the clips? Everyone has gotten a hair cut! Heather girl...those bangs...no, just...no.

Are you team Terry or team David? Why?


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Sam Barrio

Well said and I totally agree with you, Eddie's comment was; if not more, as vulgar as David's was. It was just that Heather and Terry wanted to degrade David (likely out of Heather's vengeance towards Shannon) and then Terry came out as the ugliest person on this earth.

youth... youthfulsoul

It became obvious to me tonight that this is all made for tv drama. Much ado about nothing.


2rcom4t 2rcom4t

My question is WHY would anyone have a Party with Liquor flowing bring their Children!! That makes no since to me What they didn't think that there would be inappropriate language flying around I mean come on REALLY.

viewing viewing

Heather Dubrow is a witch.  So is Terry.  Both are incredibly socially awkward.   It's ironic that Terry is a plastic surgeon because they both come across so ugly from the inside.  Additionally, they are self righteous and un-empathetic and bullies. 


And what a double standard!  Tamra and Eddie have both been worse to them than Shannon or David.   Enough of them already.

nonmember avatar Watching

Glad I'm not the only one who saw the double standard against David versus Eddie. Nobody is asking them to be BFFs. But act like adults. His reaction, weeks after, only gives credit to the allegation, he wants to take the Dubrows down. I've seen 5 year olds act more mature. The Dubrows are painful to watch. Dr. Dubrow is no Dr. Nassiff.

Prett... PrettyWings29

I thought Terry's acting was great, personally. Anyone thinks this is actually a real show and not scripted needs to remember people will do just about anything for money. Terry's comment was hilarious. 

nonmember avatar Jordan

You are right, Eddie's comment was much more disrespectful than David's. And if Terry was so upset about the comment, why did it take all this time to come up given the issues that Heather and Shannon had with one another. Terry and Heather are so obnoxious, I think Heather wears the pants because Terry acts like a girl!!! And then Terry kept saying his 84 year old mother was there and his children. Well, let me ask you this, did his 84 year old mother and children know how "Heather rides Terry, according to Eddie?????????

nonmember avatar Sue

Team David. Mr. Magoo is weird

nonmember avatar La gallina

Heather is the biggest hypocrite on the show! She pretends to be so nice and above it all when she's alone, but with others she is a mean gossip. Terry made himself out to be a fool last night! Tamra is trash!

nonmember avatar Palma Kunkel

I am so thrilled to see that everyone picked up on the double standard that Terry was using last night. But even more telling to me was his comment "you're just a construction guy, right. You're use to cat calling to women". In defense of all the "construction guys that I know and love, they are more decent human beings than Terry Dubrow could ever hope to be. It is the quality of their being that makes that superior men, not their profession. The clear implication is that he (Terry) truly believes he is better than everyone else. Trash, simply trash.

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