Kendra Wilkinson Can’t Wait to Kick Cheating Hank Out of the House


Kendra Wilkinson

Poor Kendra Wilkinson. Not only did her beloved husband, Hank, supposedly cheat on her with a transsexual while she was eight months pregnant, but she desperately wanted to boot him out of the house afterward. Apparently she couldn't because the show must go on. Her show that is -- Kendra on Top. Rumor has it despite wanting to relocate Hank -- preferably with the heel of her shoe -- the two of them have to continue shacking up together for the next couple of months until filming is over.

A source told In Touch:

If it were up to Kendra, she's have him out of the house sooner rather than later. She wants Hank out when filming is over, which is just a month or two more. It's only a matter of time. Having him there is a constant reminder of everything that's happened.

Imagine having to live with someone you despise so you can keep filming your show. Sheesh.

They didn't exactly look cozy on their vacation to Costa Rica either. A picture showed the two of them sitting so far apart from each other at a table during lunch that I'm surprised one of them didn't fall off. Nothing puts a damper on your appetite like sitting with the husband who cheated on you with a transsexual, I guess.

A preview to Kendra's show seemed to confirm the worst -- that this all really happened. Though you do have to wonder if it's all for ratings, can you really imagine Hank entering a writers' meeting and going, "Hey, I got an idea. How about I get caught cheating with a transsexual? That's the ticket."

Yeah, pretty unlikely.

I guess we'll see how much truth there is to all these rumors once the show airs and filming stops. Gah, what was Hank thinking?!

Do you think she should kick him out now?


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nonmember avatar sarah

he aint going anywhere

Rebec... Rebecca7708

How many times can you put the word "transsexual" in an article?

Cooks... Cookster792

She won't kick him out yet. When she does she better hire more people  to take care of the kids because we know that she likes to go out and get drunk and party with her girlfriends. She has admitted this many times. We also saw first hand how Hank did so much for his son. Don't know if this is true but I heard she wanted an open marriage and that she also cheated with a former football player last year.    

Cooks... Cookster792

If she does kick him out she had better hire more nannies to take care of the children. Saw celebrity wife swap, man she did nothing. The housekeeper, nanny and Hank did everything.  Nothing wrong with going out with the girlfriends once in a while but she said she likes to go out and get drunk all the time because she isn't dead. Wake up girl!! 

nonmember avatar Jewels

Why is she upset I thought they had a open marriage??? I wonder who's idea that was? I would have never approved that there's no way it would work out for the best. She needs to stop going out all the time and spend more time with her family and husband. What she is going through sucks but sometimes there are 2 sides to the story I'm sure he's not the only one at fault for the failing marriage... Girl get your act together and fight to keep your family together!!!

nonmember avatar Lana Parsons

Ms Kendra. I really enjoy you but I have to tell you I don't believe any of it. That isn't you and it's not Hank. Plz don't become the Kardashizns and do anything for ratings. You and Hank are not Jerry Springer material. Surely you can think of another direction to take your show. PLZ !!!!!

nonmember avatar MistressScarlet

I am not sure which she would be more upset about , the fact he seen a TS(Trans Sexual) or the fact he paid a TS hooker.

Now , both would be enough to end a marriage. Hell a GG (Genetic Girl) Hooker would be enough to end a marriage as well.

Open marriages are not always cut n dry, maybe paying for it crossed the line or maybe they tild eachother of there outside affairs and he kept it from her, I do not know but I know reguardless of her past remarks on "open marriage" may or maynot have been an agreement and whether it was a ts or gg , IT WAS A HOOKER!!

If I was married still the whole prostitute thing would piss me off and I myself am an adult entertainer but I am single so my business is my business and I do not share this or hide it from anyone.

I love watching Kendra and Hank on there show and even Celebrity wife swap and they ate only human . This could happen to anyone and people will always hope that infidelity is not the case when its a likeable couple.

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