Kylie Jenner's Attempt to Mimic Her Sisters Is Just Plain Sad

Kylie JennerIt can't be easy being the youngest of four famous sisters. No one knows that better than Kylie Jenner. And it must be tough trying to carve out your own identity when your sisters have such strong ones. Kim, the sex bomb now mom. Kourtney, Earth mother. Khloe, straight-talking fan fave. Kendall, up-and-coming model who has appeared in the pages of fashion mags. So what for Kylie? Sometimes, she tries to be edgy and cool. Sometimes, she tries to look like Kim and Khloe, what with those fillered lips. Now, it appears she's going the Kendall route and taking up modeling.

Kendall posted a pic of the pair posting in bras, plaid shirts, and long coats for DuJour Media. The pic is by famed photographer Bruce Weber.

In fact, the twosome have an entire spread in DuJour. If you remember, the two were caught posing with shirtless male models earlier this summer in the Hamptons -- well, that was for this photo shoot.

They look quite cute in the photos, though it's clear who the model is -- Kendall is a good three inches taller than Kylie, and for all we know, she posed barefoot while Kylie was in heels.

There is no doubt that Kylie is a beautiful girl, I just wish she'd find her own thing. Something totally different from her sisters. Let's face it, that whole book thing didn't quite work out. But maybe Kylie can sing or dance? Yeah, doubtful.

But you can see, given what happened to Rob, what can transpire when you try to do the same thing everyone else in your family is doing. You end up with no identity.

I would love to see Kylie go away -- go live in Vermont for awhile. Herd some goats or something. Go to college. Become a surgeon. Well, maybe not that. I wouldn't want Kylie doing surgery on anyone. But you get what I'm saying.

Kylie, you're YOU. Not your sisters. You don't have to be. You have your own fan base, your own look and style, your own personality. You are much edgier than the rest of the clan. Find what works for you and go for it.

What do you think Kylie should do?


Image via KendallJenner/Instagram



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nonmember avatar Me

I agree wholeheartedly.Kylie should run for her young sweet life as soon as she turns 18....before she too turns into a Kartrashian monster.

Bonnie Cobb

Kylie, Is a trick of all trades. Aliitle of everything. She can fit into anyhing she wants to be. Girlfrind ,just be yourself. You are doing great. JUST BE YOU. Love you girls

Dawn Dealmeida

B herself but she's only what 16-17 yrs.old.. She's obviously a little lost and doesn't know what 2 do with herself but mimic I g wi t work and she'll find out soon enough.. She needs 2 b herself..

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