J.P. Rosenbaum Says Andi Dorfman Deserves to Be 'Hazed'

JP Rosenbaum

J.P. Rosenbaum has a lot to say about the newest Bachelorette couple, Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray. According to him, not only do the newly engaged couple have to deal with all the media hatred that comes their way, there’s also a "hazing period" that comes with being a Bachelorette couple.

Um, say what???

In a new interview with Fox News, Rosenbaum says that while he’s in no position to judge Andi and the decisions she made on the show, he does say that he's allowed to "haze" her and Josh just because he’s a show alumni.

I don’t judge the choices that she makes. I judge the people because look, if you’re going to be on this show, you have to be willing to accept the fact that there’s a huge hazing period. Being an alumni, I am allowed to haze you. You only see a fraction of what goes on. If she’s happy, that’s really all that matters. I’m not going to sit here and say, ‘Oh, she should have picked Nick!’ because I don’t know either of them. I know what I see.

So, he says he doesn’t want to judge her, yet he talks about this huge hazing period that is supposed to happen. That's news to me. I thought these two were already IN the club, so what in the world is he talking about? Haven't Andi and Josh had enough hazing already?

Do you think it's right that Andi and Josh are being “hazed” by previous Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants in the media?

Image via JP Rosenbaum/Instagram

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Ann Morris

no they shouldnt be hazed!! nick has to get over it find his own girlfriend!!! let josh and andi be happy and go on with their lives!! this nobody elses business!!


Ann Morris

no idont want to do that


numbe... numbersinger

Who is this loser? Get a life.

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