Jenelle Evans' Confession About Baby Kaiser Is Just Plain Selfish

Jenelle Evans

Just when we thought Jenelle Evans was finally going in the right direction with her life, she's proven to us once again that she still has a long way to go in the maturity department.

While there's no doubt that Jenelle has definitely made some HUGE strides when it comes to cleaning up her act and taking care of her family, it looks like she's neglecting the one person who has basically saved her time and time again in the past -- her mother Barbara. (You gotta love Babs.)

Just recently, Jenelle made a shocking admission about baby Kaiser and her mom on Twitter. Check out the little exchange she had with a fan.

Huh? She's NEVER babysat?!?

While I will give Jenelle and Nathan Griffith a nice slow clap for doing the whole newborn thing on their own (which technically comes with the territory of being a parent ... just sayin'), Jenelle is definitely in the wrong for not allowing her mother to watch Kaiser. I mean, we all know how fast babies grow at his stage and I'm sure Babs would do anything to spend a little one-on-one time with her grandson. She has custody of Jace, for crying out loud, so why shouldn't she be able to take care of Kaiser as well?

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If Jenelle is trying to prove to the world that she's finally capable of raising a family on her own, that's great, but there's no need to isolate her baby from granny. (Gah.)

Besides, isn't it about time she and Nathan enjoyed a night out on the town without the kiddos? (I'm sure he wouldn't complain about it.)

Do you think Barbara should be able to babysit Kaiser?

Photo via j_evans8209/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Emerson

That poor girl can't win with you, can she? She didn't say her mother has never SEEN her baby. She's trying to make the point that she's not dumping her baby on her mother this time around. Personally, I think that's a good thing.

nonmember avatar Anonymous

Hahaha, you're just as bad as Mary Fisher. Maybe she doesn't NEED her mother to watch her baby, because this time around, she wants to be there for her child. Maybe she doesn't want a night out. It's not like she's leaving him to be watched by someone else. She's just showing how much she's matured, and you saying otherwise is truly pathetic.

Alicia Saunders

This article is just bizarre- a click hole. I've really enjoyed CafeMom before but will not be visiting again after reading this, an obvious attempt to stir up traffic/ad revenue using a shocking headline, and bogus story. I'm NO fan of Jenelle by any means- but have you ever considered she hasn't *needed* a babysitter? The baby is only a few weeks old, AND she's exclusively breastfeeding. She's not a 16 year old single mom like she was when the show first aired- she has a partner who can help. And Barbara would "do anything" to babysit her grandson? LOL. Barbara is essentially Jace's mom. She's in her 60's, works full time in addition to raising Jace, who appears to be QUITE a handful. I'm going to take a guess that babysitting a newborn is the last thing she'd want to do. You often see Jenelle posting photos at her mom's- I'm quite sure she brings the baby over often. Why the heck would Barbara *need* to babysit a grandson she sees all the time? POOR excuse for journalism, Joanna Mazewski.

nonmember avatar Misty

I've never commented on your articles before but This article is ridiculous. Never once does she say that she doesn't let Babs see baby Kai. Poor Jenelle cant win. If she went out for a night on the town, you'd be writing an article about how Babs always has her new baby too and she's irresponsible. Leave the girl alone and let her at least TRY to do things right this time

nonmember avatar holly

So if she was to have said that Barbara has in fact babysat the baby you would have a whole new article to talk shit about Janelle. Cuz I can almost guarantee you would say that janelle is not mature enough to handle her own son again, or what does she have to d thats more important than being with her newborn.

Yiu seriously need a new hobby and to stop writing about janelle every single day

nonmember avatar Mel

My daughter is 19 months and my mum has never once had her over night, leave jenelle along and give her a break

nonmember avatar ariiana

I think yall just need to stay out of her & eveyine elses life who gaf

nonmember avatar Lainy

It's crazy to sit there and say that Jenelle is selfish for not letting her mom babysit. Seriously?! How is that selfish? And if Jenelle would have said yes that her mom has babysat baby Kai, then everyone would say how selfish she was for that. Why can't everyone let the girl live her life? She is finally doing good and getting her life back on track. I'm sure that Babs sees baby Kai a lot!! And she also has her hands full with Jace. Get a life and stay out of Jenelle's! This is really getting old and I'm sure everyone is really tired of reading dumb shit!

Holli Tallman

she said she hasn't baby sat. that doesn't mean she hasn't seen him at all. just means that she hasn't had him fully alone. why must everyone think they worst? What if she's bf? And he won't take a bottle to save his life? Can't leave him. She may be nervous to leave him alone with anyone, even mom. You don't know enough to judge!

nonmember avatar Abi

I think this article is stupid and you should really find a new hobby because you aren't good at this one. Kaiser is only a few weeks old and Barbra has enough to deal with right now, I'm sure Jenelle lets her see him, she doesn't NEED to babysit. I didn't let anyone babysit my daughter until she was at least 6 months old, now she rarely gets babysat and she is 2. Some people just like having their kid around rather than dumping them off all the time.

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