Jenelle Evans Shares 'Creepy' New Photo of Baby Kaiser

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Jenelle Evans

Oh boy. Jenelle Evans has been pretty vocal about the fact that she's breastfeeding baby Kaiser, which we have to give her props for given what a daunting task it is. I mean, it's tough enough for a new mom who is still at home all day, but considering Jenelle is going to school, she's probably run into her fair share of challenges.

But in what was no doubt an attempt to give her Twitter followers a good laugh, Jenelle shared a photo of Kaiser asleep on her chest. It has folks who don't particularly care for her going a bit nuts.

I guess I should probably mention that the pic itself isn't the least bit controversial. It's her caption on the photo that's causing a bit of a stir.

Yikes! She really stepped into that one without even realizing that people were going to think her statement is less than classy.

One commenter accused her of "sexualizing breastfeeding," while others are deeming the pic to be "creepy."

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For the record, I totally get the joke, but given how much criticism Jenelle receives on a daily basis, you'd think she would've refrained from putting boobs, babies, and sex in the same couple of sentences. (Seriously. She was asking for it with this one.)

On a lighter note, look at that full head of hair Kaiser has! It looks like he's changed quite a bit since he was born, so let's hope Jenelle will share some new pics in the near future where we can actually see his cute little face.

Do you think Jenelle's comment is "creepy"?


Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Cathy

People are blowing this way out of proportion. I've seen my fair share of posts from janelle that I haven't particulary cared for, but let's be honest, what is honestly wrong with this?? Give her break, she's honestly trying. Live your own life and stay out of hers..

nonmember avatar nanaof18

No I think the idiots who are saying it is are the creepy ones apparently they are the sick twisted freeks

nonmember avatar Abi

Lol it's not creepy people are just stupid. If they know anything about newborns it's that they like falling asleep on moms chest because they love hearing your heartbeat. People will find anything to talk shit about that's all.

Serena Delezene

really u guys have nothing better to do then this, he is sleeping on his mom's chest big deal he is a baby this is just messed up leave her alone she is doing better then she has in a while 

nonmember avatar chantelle

If any other posted this, there would be laughs all around. People are just looking for a reason to keep on hating her, it rather pathetic really.

Stephanie Barker

Wow! Honestly, it made me chuckle a bit. Its not creepy. More like ironic. Lol.

Brenda Watson Lawyer

Oh my gosh . There's nothing wrong with this photo or her wording of it. What makes it creepy is everyone's reaction to it. He's adorable . And my kids liked to sleep on my boobs too.

nonmember avatar Kristen

Seriously this is a great pic! How is it offensive??!! It's not!

Melissa Orruego

Not creepy at all, let's face it, boobs are for babies, whether they are for eating or for pillows


Ilaria Bardi Keogh

What?! What's creepy about that caption? I don't get it.

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