'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: You Won't Believe What Kim Kardashian Called Kris Jenner


Kris Jenner

This week, Keeping Up With the Kardashians was a gasp-fest. Truly, fetch me my fainting-salts and my best hashtags. You might have been led to believe that the real meat of the episode involved Khloe Kardashian and her burgeoning lurv-fest with French Montana, but that wasn't the half of it. Kris Jenner tried (in a fashion totally typical of her) to take over Kim's wedding to Kanye West. When Kim found out that her mother had fibbed to her own assistant to get details, Kim flipped her wig and called her mother a pathological liar

It's no secret that Kris is controlling. I mean, she does manage the careers of all her children and produces a TV show about her family wherein she is sure to portray herself as a font of wisdom and wit. But has her control-freak demeanor gotten so out of hand that cloak-and-dagger-style dealings rife with deceit are now her norm? This is reality TV, not ancient Rome (and more's the pity, really). 

Although Kim and Kris patched things up, it was touch and go for a little while. Kim was so outraged by her mother's meddling that she moved out of her home. I mean, this did seem to upset Kris, true, but isn't threatening to move out your parents' house really more effective as a tool of manipulation when you are, like, I don't know, 7? At any rate, things escalated to the point where Kris was threatening not to come to Kim's wedding. If I were Kim, I would've been like, "Whatever, it doesn't even matter, dude, this is literally my third marriage." But Kim is nicer than I am and worked things out with her mom.

Kris was getting read the riot act a bit this week! When she wasn't verging on the hysterical with Kim, she was getting ripped a new one by Khloe! Now, eventually Khloe backed down and said she was being too hard on her mom, but I totally disagree. Her mom is her manager, and frankly, she doesn't always seem to be on her game! She deserved, in my humble estimation, the verbal tongue-lashing she received courtesy of her youngest child.

Do you think Khloe should get a new manager?


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nonmember avatar G

Although you have many credits of achievement under your belt, that is all the more reason that your articles should be proof read so you can always be read as a more credible writer.

nonmember avatar Blah

Khloe is not Kris' youngest child. Think you may have forgotten Kendal & Kylie

nonmember avatar kadye

pretty sure kylie is kris' youngest daughter

Barbara Madden

you go kris- you are an amazing mother-  however you really need to find an interest other than your kids     but again  you go kris  you are amazing -  none of those girls would have want they do today if it were not for you 

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