Jessica Simpson's Bedtime Family Photo Might Be Most Precious One Yet

jessica simpsonJessica Simpson has become Instagram's best mommy photographer, sharing pics of her super blonde family and every one you see the only reaction to have is awwwwww. The photos are sweet and tender and full of love -- so much so it's enough to give you a toothache. She's like a walking billboard for how great motherhood can be and how it's no big deal for people to have kids first, get married second.

Jessica is also one of the Queens of makeup-free selfies. So the fact that this latest photo she put up is makeup-free and full of kid snuggles really makes it win the internet for cuteness points. Behold!

Ooooh Jessica. How adorable and sweet is this photo?! Look at those cute kids -- Maxwell and Ace -- all cozied up to mom. Ace is already 14 months old now; Maxwell is 2. Looks like maybe Ace just had a bath. Perhaps mama Jess just sang them a lullaby.

And there she is with her newlywed glow, her mommy glow. I could just imagine her husband Eric Johnson standing over them smiling and taking this photo. Then I imagine, they tucked the kids in bed, came back to this very same couch, maybe opened a bottle of wine and talked about whatever it is these two talk about. I love how one photo can take you somewhere, make you imagine the before and after. Of course, we can take a look at our own photos and see what they convey when we know what really happened.

Maybe right after this Maxwell had a tantrum because she didn't want to go to bed. Or Jessica yelled at Eric for not moving his shoes because she tripped over them. Nah. Let's just imagine the good stuff. Because that's what matters.

What do you think of Jessica's photos? Doesn't she have some of the best ones out there?

Image via Jessica Simpson/Instagram

jessica simpson


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Roxygurl Roxygurl

Adorable but I really really wish she wouldn't try do hard with her lips. It always looks so weird.

Jimbo Joseph Hanson

Who gives a flying fuck, so a slut has a mommy moment. Big fucking deal. Normal American Moms do this every day. Where is thier story and pictures. Big fucking deal...

Lando... Landon2012

She is not a slut far from it I could think of another person who looks like a slut during a mommy moment miss Kim kardaschion. And jimbo who cares what you think your a dumbass.


What's wrong with the baby's lips?

gridi... gridironsmom

Baby has a pacifier as fas I can tell. And what is wrong with mom's lips? I don't see anything.

NeonG... NeonGirl9583

I think she is beautiful. Her kids are as cute as they can be..

nonmember avatar morgan47

Her kids are adorable and yes, she is very beautiful, but please don't say that she's a billboard for having kids first and then getting married. That is one of the biggest problems in America today with the crumbling of the family. She is a celebrity and hard to compare her to real Americans. The majority of parents who are not married with the babies come do not get married. That does not help anyone. The poor kids start off behind all the kids with committed, married parents.

nonmember avatar Amy

Jimbo and Morgan you're both morons. Morgan you're especially pathetic, kids do not start off behind if they're parents are not married.

nonmember avatar Me

Very Cute...she's a good mommy.

nonmember avatar Morgan47

Amy, very mature calling people morons. But I hate to tell you, kids most definitely start off behind when they have unmarried parents. Many studies show that family instability is one of the greatest risks to a child's well-being. They also show that children born to unmarried mothers have poorer outcomes than those born to married parents. Are there exceptions? Yes, of course, but most children don't fare so well. Being a parent is hard work. I don't understand why someone would do it without the support of a husband.

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