Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Take the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (VIDEO)

If you've ever wondered what your favorite (or least favorite) celebrity looks like with a bucket of water dumped over his or her head, you are living in the perfect time! Thanks to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, every singer, actress and model in the country is willingly getting soaked in order to promote awareness for Lou Gehrig's disease.

But some celebs are doing a WAY better job than others. Case in point: Taylor Swift and her friend Jaime King. The two gals joined forces recently, along with a dozen or so friends, and dumped an impressive amount of cold water over their heads for the sake of charity. But they also graciously donated $100 of their own money for each person who agreed to participate with them.

Unfortunately, others -- like, oh I hate to have to call him out, but Justin Bieber, I'm talking to you -- kinda look like they're missing the point.


 So, let's start with Taylor -- who never seems to do anything alone and MUST be a really great person considering how she's friends with every single person in America. She and model/actress/mom Jaime gave us the best ALS video we've seen so far -- and that's because they made it very clear that they were going to be generous givers and donate a whole wad of cash to the cause:

Cute, huh?! And, in typical Taylor fashion, everyone gets super hyped-up over what amounts to taking a communal cold shower.

Okay, next up we have Selena, who accepted the challenge after old/new again BFF Taylor nominated her. And, bless her heart, decided to nominate model Cara Delevingne and James Franco:

Are you at all surprised she didn't challenge on-again, off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber? No worries -- someone else did:

Come on, this one is the lamest of all! His water bucket is small compared with those used by the ladies, and does he really believe Barack Obama is going to accept his challenge? Then again, if he manages to inspire the president to make a donation AND throw ice over his head it will be worth watching.

Overall, Taylor wins best video because she remembered to do the most important thing of all: donate!

Which video do you like best? Are you sick of the ice bucket challenge yet?


Image via taylorswift/Instagram

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