Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Have Bittersweet News About Gender of Their Baby

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catelynn lowellTeen Mom parents Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were very excited to share the first photo of the baby they are having. They shared a sweet sonogram of their little bean and expressed how much love they have for the baby. It has to be bringing up a range of emotions since Catelynn and Tyler already have a child, a daughter named Carly who is now 5. The couple were in high school when Carly was born and because they weren't ready to be parents, the little girl was adopted by another family. It was one of the most tearful episodes of the 16 and Pregnant franchise. 

While they shared the sonogram of their new little bundle the other day, they didn't reveal the gender until now. Watch their emotion-filled gender reveal at a party they had with family and friends.

Tyler wrote before the party: "Today is the day! We finally get to find out if we will have a son or a daughter #Anticipation #IsKillingMe."

And now we know it's a girl!

There is no doubt these two have grown so much since they were having a baby when they were just 16. Now both 22, Catelynn and Tyler might have some bittersweet feelings about having another girl. I'm sure so many emotions come into play. Pregnancy itself can be an emotional time. I wish this family nothing but good things.

What do you think of their sweet gender reveal?


Image via Catelynn Lowell/Instagram

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Nelli... NellieAthome

So Michelle Zipp - having a son would be great but a daughter is bittersweet??? Girls are a disappointment, not as good as sons?

clobo_14 clobo_14

^^^ so true that's the way they make it sound hey ^^^^^^^^

Lovea... Loveavision

It might drudge up feelings about their biological daughter. Author didn't mean having a son is better than a daughter.

nonmember avatar krystian

Loveavision, oh it will.

All they will do is cry and complain about not having the two together......that's all they do anyways is cry that they dint have carly.....

I don't care for these two at all.

Gamer... Gamer_mom1

That's what. Happens when you adopt out children you moron. You cry thinking about them


Loveavision is correct, and I couldn't be more happy for these two! They're going to be amazing parents.

Obviously some people on this post are incapable of being decent, and that's disgusting.

Curly... Curlymom6

I feel badly for Carly. Her parents gave her up, stayed together, and now will have a full biological sibling/siblings to love.

No amount of a loving set of adoptive parents will ever fill that hole. :(

nonmember avatar krystian

Curly, I agree with you.

Carly us goin to grow up and resent these two.

nonmember avatar Kathryn Haynes

So they did the responsible thing by giving up a baby that couldn't raise properly because of their ages, maturity and financial situation which most people would agree was the best thing for Carly and now they're never supposed to have kids again? If I were Carly, I'd understand when I was older. They have an open adoption so she can have as much or as little contact as she wants.

balan... balancing-act

Curly you're clearly speaking without experience. I'm adopted and am completely offended by your statement that adoptive parents couldn't fill "some hole". How my biological family ended up after giving me up at birth holds no bearing on the happiness of my life or relationships with my family.

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