Kendra Wilkinson's Shocking Reality Show Preview Confirms the Worst (VIDEO)

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett's marriage seems to have gone into the shitter. Literally. In a first glimpse at their upcoming season of Kendra on Top, Kendra seems to admit to one of the most startling rumors from the fallout of his dalliance with a transsexual while Kendra was pregnant -- that she threw her wedding rings down the toilet.

In the preview for the show, which airs October 3, on WeTV, Kendra can be seen apparently confirming what the tabloids have been blaring for the past few months: That Hank hooked up with a transsexual model. Looking quite devastated, Kendra says for the camera:

Every word that came from the tabloids. Boom ... boom ... boom. When did he do this? While you were eight months pregnant. I felt like I wasn't even getting punched ... like I got shot.

She then seemingly admits in a therapy session that she disposed of her rings in a most memorable manner.

Our marriage is down the drain. I flushed my wedding rings down the toilet.

OMG, she says "rings" plural. Meaning her wedding ring PLUS her 60 diamonds on 18-carat white gold engagement ring?! Girl, you could have dropped it off at my house!

However, much like the True Tori sneak previews played, it's not totally clear if Kendra is just recounting what was said in the tabloids or is admitting that the tabs got it right.

Guess we'll have to wait to find out.

Much like we did with Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, most of us are probably asking ourselves why, if Hank's cheating is true, the two of them chose to put it all on camera. And whether or not they even made it up for ratings.

And much like True Tori, we will probably never know the answer. Though I am inclined to think that these reality show stars really do take their jobs seriously enough to put everything that happens to them, no matter how humiliating, on camera. Much like the rich, reality show stars are not like you and me.

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People also reports that Kendra is sticking to her resolve to divorce Hank -- but that they have to remain together for now for the show.

Imagine that. For the show. Not the kids. The show.

If you're asking yourselves if anyone has any shame anymore, the answer would be ... well, I think you know the answer.

Do you think this is all real?

Image via WE TV

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mothe... motherinNH

The thing I heard was they were in the middle of filming for season three when this happened. So unlike Tori where they made a show around his affair after the fact, this was mid-filming. 

Shelagh Denea Simpson Coble

This website needs some sort of overhaul. Really? Two different advertisement videos start as you open the page? Really? One at the top and one at the bottom? Great I looove searching for the random sounds to turn them off so I can read the article. s/

nonmember avatar Me

Pure trash,the show and the so- called stars.

Lori Testy

Why wouldn't these stories be real? I understand things might be done for the show, but when you' re signed to a contract and it says you are to be taped at a certain time, I am sure you have to honor the contract you signed for the show. If there are bad things that happen, it is all the better for the show. I am sure the producers aren't going to say to Kendra, "well you are having some horrible problems now so we will not film it".  Bad things sel the show a lot more than good things. I hardly doub that anyone would make up cheating. That is a horrible thing to have happen to anyone.

ladyb... ladybumblebee

I doubt highly this is made up. I wouldn't make this up as a regular pedestrian, I surely wouldn't as a celebrity. All too humiliating. What a pathetic way to make it to the top! What is the gain here vs a happy couple with two children? Grotesk! He isn't famed for fortune and fidelity. He is famed and in the spotlight for humiliating his family and totally betraying his wife who was a girl who wanted to have fun, but devoted. This isn't something any female would make up, especially for ratings.

nonmember avatar krystian

Lady, tori spelling made her issues up for a tv show. That's why people think Kendra is making it up.

Kendra would never make something like this up...she is hardly on social media anymore. And I follow her on Facebook, histogram and twitter

justj123 justj123

Y'all are a bunch of dummies if you think Kendra is making this up for her TV show.  Why would someone lie about something so STUPID & GROSS like this?  Tori did LIE for her TV show because she HAD to for people to watch that so called "train wreck of a show" if y'all want to call it that??? Kendra HAS money, TV show and can always go back to the Playboy Mansion to live if anything horrific should ever happen to her or the kids!!

Tori has NOTHING ..... she would be living on the street! Poor management of money and a back stabbing, no help of a mother & MARRIED A CHEATER, are Tori's BIGGEST problems!!

Kendra does NOT have to make NOTHING up !!!!!

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