'Walking Dead' Creator Finally Comments on Daryl's Sexuality

Walking Dead Daryl gay
If you're one of Daryl Dixon's many female fans who are hoping he hooks up with Beth or Carol soon, I have potentially bad news for you ... depending on how you like to a view a challenge. According to Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, our favorite poncho-wearing, squirrel-and-snake-gnawing, crossbow-totin' redneck may not exactly be interested in re-populating the zombie-apocalypse-ravaged planet. Because he, you know ... doesn't like girls. I mean he likes girls, he just may not LIKE like girls.

At least that's what Kirkman teased recently when a Walking Dead fan flat-out asked if Daryl could be gay. Kirkman says they have "very specific ideas" about this possibility and may in fact be tackling the subject soon.

In the letter section of The Walking Dead comic book issue No. 130, Kirkman responded to a fan who pointed out similarities between Daryl and Jesus -- not, um, Jesus Christ, but a badass character from the comics who happens to be gay. When asked if it's possible Daryl could also prefer men, Kirkman wrote,

All I can say is that it’s been discussed. We have very specific ideas about Daryl’s sexuality (or the seeming lack thereof), and if there’s ever a quiet period in the show where he’s not consistently distracted by crossbowing ... we’ll tackle it in the show.

Kirkman added that AMC would have no objections to this plot development:

For the record, they absolutely would (allow it).

Well, well, well. Very interesting, Mr. Kirkman. He may be referring to Daryl's complicated family background (his parents were both neglectful alcoholics, his father abused him, his mother died when he was young and he essentially had to fend for himself), which has made it hard for him to connect with anyone, much less delve into a romantic relationship, or ... maybe they always have planned for him to be a gay character.

Personally, I think it'd be fascinating to see that play out. It feels like it would be a surprising-but-not-remotely-unbelievable revelation for his character, although the show has never prioritized romance in general so I'm not sure anyone but the fangirls really care who he hooks up with. As one Walking Dead viewer put it,

The only bolt I care about is the one in his crossbow. It makes no never mind to me what his preferences are.

If Daryl IS gay, I'm awfully curious who showrunner Scott Gimple was talking about during an interview with Larry King back in April:

I would say that Daryl has already found familial love. If you're talking romantic love, I'm going to say, ‘I think so.'


Okay Walking Dead fans, what do you think? Is Daryl gay? Would you care one way or the other?

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bugaem bugaem

No please no

small... smallfryes

Okay so my slasher shipping heart would LOVE this. Add Daryl' love for Rick (although I like the idea of rick/michonne) and we're golden...

ShellLea ShellLea

I think he's become too big for the female fans for them to have him be gay. Of course they'll toy with the idea to make women go nuts, but it probably won't happen. Of course, I've been wrong before :)

nonmember avatar WALKINGDEADFAN1

To be honest, there is too much homosexuality on TV these days. Every channel you turn to has some same sex partnership. If you believe that this type of lifestyle, choice or genetic predetermination is really this predominant in society, think again. According to the CDC 2-3% of the US population is gay or bi - http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2014/07/15/gay-lesbian-bisexual-cdc-survey/12671717/ - So why is it TV executives like to promote the myth it is a much higher rate by giving such an overabundance of time in their shows to such a small minority? I don't know. I do know this... People have the right to be how they are. But others have the right to not participate. Perhaps Walking Dead should buck the Hollywood trend and just let Daryl be in the 97%. He is already exceptional. I'd hate to see their run be cut short by being like every other show, with the 97% finally get fed-up and changing the channel.

nonmember avatar mike ferrer

Who cares? It will not afect the way i see the character in the show, i dont think his sexuality affects him like any others problems that he had in his life, life made him tough enough to bother about that.

nonmember avatar Linda

Not Daryl! If you are going to bring in a gay aspect into the show bring in a new character or 2, not the ones who have been with us for years. It's bad enough when they are killed off.

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