'Don't Be Tardy' Puts Kim Zolciak's Really Bad Parenting on Display (VIDEO)

don't be tardy

Being a mom is hard enough, I think everyone reading would agree. Being a mom on reality TV brings a whole new layer of crazy to deal with, and I saw a big problem this week with Kim Zolciak and her daughter Brielle on Don't Be Tardy, season 3, episode 6. In today's exclusive video below, I break it all down, as well as the finale of Leah Remini: It's All RelativeLeAnn & Eddie episode 5, and an update on that Dance Moms lawsuit.

Kim and hubby Kroy Biermann may well think they are using reality TV as a disciplinary tool for Brielle, but I don't think Brielle will appreciate it, and the cons far outweigh the pros. Having her daughter look lazy and foolish on national television is a problem. In today's video I explain where I think they went wrong and how they might be able to salvage things.

Leah Remini and her family set out on an RV camping trip for their finale, and it's quite a lot of fun. This show is a hybrid of the reality genre, more like a sitcom parody of a reality show. However, that makes the show more expensive to produce, as I break down below.

We can't go into the weekend without discussing LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian. On episode 5, it's Eddie who was a problem for me, though LeAnn has her own online problems. Are you allowed to make things up on a reality show? Well, there's no black and white answer, as those of us accustomed to producer engineering and editing know well. In today's video I detail what (I think) you can and cannot get away with in production.

Finally, there's new news for the Dance Moms and the lawsuit that could bring down the reality TV genre as we know it. No lie. I'm serious. Watch now!

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Do you think Kim Zolciak is a bad mom?


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nonmember avatar Jean

No, I do not think she is a "bad mom". That's just the type of relationship those two have...I have the same relationship with my mom as well. Kim has also spoken very highly of her as well, so it's not constant digs. Remember the episode where Kroy insinuates that Brielle isn't as innocent as Kim believes and Kim stood up for Brielle and was confident that she raised a good kid? They edit these shows so much so that you only see the entertaining stuff. I was NOT a fan of Kim on RHOA, but this new show seems to bring out a different Kim and she seems like she really values and loves her family.

Martine Conserve

Alex, what you don't understand is Brielle has been lazy, spoiled, and a bad student since they were on RealHousewives. We all can watch and blame Kim for her bad words but Brielle learns this from her mother. Kim is lazy, greedy, horribly bad mannered, former proud mistress, and just flat out trashy. I never get mad at Brielle when her mother barks on her because look who her mother is.

Polye... PolyesterGerbil

You're right, Kim gets no prizes for being Parent of the Year because (1) she ridicules Brielle; and (2) Brielle is being used for a story line.  

On the other hand--not that this is an excuse--Kim is hardly the first reality TV show parent to expose her poor parenting skills.  For starters, ANYBODY who has their kids appearing with them on a reality show is a bad parent for using the kids to further their careers.  And then it gets worse depending on the extent to which the offspring are entwined in story lines.  For me, the Giudices take the cake on bad parenting.  They are bad enough parents without reality TV; but they're (i.e., Teresa) even worse by showcasing and encouraging their kids' bratty behavior to further themselves.  It's appalling, and far worse than the Biermann's situation.

nonmember avatar bella

Shocked to hear kim complain about Kroy buying 3000.00 bi-noculars....when shes buying 500 sweat pants, 300 t-shirts, luis vuitton luggage 5,000.00 a piece, face cream that costs 1500.00 and oh we can't forget the lotto tickets 1200.00. She loves to spend all KROYS money on herself and her children...(Brielle with Pureology shampoo, the big gallons... cost 500.00) and kroy gets bitched at for buying 3,000 bi- noculars...shes shady as hell!!! Well doesn't matter anyways they'll be broke sooner or later. The other thing was how shocked I was to see kroy and kim running over to photographers on the beach...swearing...yelling...kim swinging at the guys camera, in front of her children and children friends. I would be pissed if that was my daughter with brielle or arianna....but then again I would never trust these nut cases to watch over my child.

nonmember avatar Luna

You cannot judge someone's parenting based on what Television shows you because this is reality - yes - but it's also TV where entertainment is it's sole purpose.
She may or may not be a good mother but criticising her like this doesn't make it any better.
What comes around goes around!

Susan Van Schaick Cadis

not at all. I think they have a far more normal life than one might think ... well other than a shit ton of cash.

nonmember avatar Willemina Sly (

Kim's parenting skills are EXTREMELY lacking~~~ and she has ZERO CLASS!!!!I am trying so hard to like her but I just think that she is an opportunist & exploits her children!!! for the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR!!! (like most realITY t.v.shows do---EVEN THE dUGGERS!!)SO SO VERY SAD!!!!!

nonmember avatar Willemina Sly

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE clean up Kim's mouth!!! She has no class. As a Mom with 6 grown children--I truly feel that Kim has HORRIBLE parenting skills--loves that almighty $$$$$ too much and therefore exploits her children ( HHHMMM----like the Duggers???

Marilyn Mackay

I think Kim on Don't Be Tardy is a joke and the swearing by Kim is not good and I dont think it should be a Family show ---Kim is very shallow ---and not a Good role model ---Dahhhhh--!!!

Marilyn Mackay

I think she is a really bad example for being a parent --She swears all the time --I f she say's Fuck one more time on Tv --BAD --BAD--BAD--!!!!!

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