Josh Murray Is 'Disgusted' By Andi Dorfman for Good Reason

Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray

They’ve only been officially engaged for almost three months now, but it looks like Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray are having some major relationship issues. Despite the fact that Murray won both the season finale of The Bachelorette and Dorfman’s hand in marriage, it seems like he can’t get another contestant out of his head -- and that’s Nick Viall.

Rumor has it that Josh still can’t get over the fact that his fiancé and Nick did the dirty while they were in the Fantasy Suite right before he asked her to marry him. His insecurity over it has gotten so bad, it’s causing some major issues between him and Andi, and she apparently has had enough of it. A source close to the couple says:

There are major jealousy, control, and trust issues. Josh is insecure and Andi is finding it really unattractive.

But do you blame him? I sure don’t. Andi acted like a woman who was willing to try all the ice cream flavors before settling on her favorite one. Andi can find his issues as unattractive as she wants, but when the sh*t starts flying in their relationship, I'd be worried that he might explode with a lot of regret. The source added:

Josh is still disgusted. He tries to act laid-back, but the whole thing is really bugging him.

Let's be honest here, Josh is man with a working pulse, of course he’s not going to like the fact that his fiancé slept with someone else only days before they get engaged. I wouldn’t be surprised if this still haunts him for the rest of their engagement. And if it does, he needs to seriously reconsider his future plans with Andi.

Do you think Josh has every right to still feel insecure about his relationship with Andi?

Image via Andi Dorfman/Instagram

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lorim... lorimarais

WOW...there seems to be a double standard if the guy did this it would be a non-issue. However I am a little confused that Andi did sleep with Nick as I thought he was an idiot and shocked he wasn't kicked to the curb early on and what a loser for sharing what he did on national TV it made him look PATHETIC. Just one girls opinion!

Joanne Stevens LeBlanc

OMG - if he was the bachelor he wouldn't have slept with someone in the fantasy suite - come on, really? we all know what goes on in there - he should have known too!

Penny Palmer

    he has ever right to feel the way he does


Donna Corbosiero Marks

I agree with him if he found out the same way we did.She should have had the class to tell him before it was aired on national tv.He does need to get over it he should have assumed that it might happen.

nonmember avatar margaret johnst

I'd be hurt to but try to remember he won her heart. And he knew there may be a chance she would, im sure he would have alsp

nonmember avatar lisa

I would have a really tough time with someone knowing they loved me enough to marry me yet a week earlier having sex with someone else??? And Josh is just so adorable...what was andi thinking? Nick is creepy...hope they can work through it..their friendship and chemistry factors seem off the charts

nonmember avatar lori miller

Your right josh she should have never slept with him if she knew she was in love with u . . I think she was in love with both but not the right kind of love . .so ditch her

Cindy Johnson

Get over it she picked you & loves you grow up it happens in real life it's called REALITY

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