Kourtney Kardashian​ Drops Major Hint About Her Baby's Gender (PHOTO)

kourtney kardashian

It hasn't been that long since Kourtney Kardashian announced her third pregnancy with partner Scott Disick, but I've got a sneaking suspicion that she may be far along enough to know her unborn baby's gender. If you're a die-hard Kardashian fan, you saw in the preview clip for this season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians that Kourt knew she was pregnant during the shooting of the show -- and that had to have been at least 20 weeks ago, which is typically around when you can find out what you're having. Kourtney found out the gender of her last two babies, so I'm guessing she'll do (have done?) the same with this one.

And with the hints she's been dropping lately, I think it's pretty obvious what she's having.

My money's on Kourtney having a girl. Not only is the eldest Kardashian super glowy and extra gorgeous lately, which I typically associate with being pregnant with a little lady, Kourtney has now posted two photos to Instagram of adorable little girl clothes.

First, Kourt posted the above photo, along with the caption, "Just stopped into Dash BoutiqueSouthampton pop up shop...obsessing over these Acacia mommy daughter bikinis."

And then she posted this:

Yes, the above pic is a plug for her Kardashian Kids line, but still. It's a little odd that in the span of two weeks, she's written about baby girl clothes twice now.

Of course, I could just be reading into things, but if I were a betting woman, I'd say Mason and Penelope are about to have a baby sister. Congrats, Kourt! I think!

What do you think Kourtney is having?


Images via Kourtney Kardashian/Instagram



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nonmember avatar Eliza

Umm you do know she already has a daughter... Everything is probably for P

Jojol... Jojoleanne123

Umm those things are probably for P, considering she's two years old and those things are clearly not newborn size... Such a misleading article.

Bonnie Cobb

Name the baby Karma ---- SHORT FOR  (Kardashian).

nonmember avatar Katie

U know nothing. She already has a baby girl and those clothes are not for a newborn.

nonmember avatar Rhi

Shes having a boy... shes already announced it. The matching bikinis are for her and P.

Ashlee Shipe

I was going to said the same ... by t I guess I'm not the only one that recognised that it's not a newborn sized bikini... and t h Kat it could be for p

Mommy... Mommynwife26

Um mm she already has a daughter so it very well could be for P...she is a women into fashion and has a girl so yeah she'd be obsessed with girl clothes.

krist... kristensmommy

Seriously? She gas a little girl who would fit in those. Nice try. Next time don't bother unless you see some actual newborn clothing. Smh

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