Jenelle Evans Gives Us a Glimpse of Her Flat Post-Baby Belly (PHOTO)

Jenelle EvansHot mama! Jenelle Evans has barely given birth to baby Kaiser, her son with boyfriend and baby daddy Nathan Griffith, but she seems to have bounced immediately back into shape. Granted, she does has youth on her side, but even so -- she looks amazing!

The Teen Mom 2 star posted a selfie on Instagram on Thursday, and wowza does she look amazing. Especially considering that she gave birth to her second child less than two months ago! A lot of women won't even consider baring any sort of midriff after having children at all, but Jenelle rocks her midsection like no one's business.


The reality star posted this picture, and captioned it, "Perfect day outside," by which we're sure she means, look at the glimpse of abs I'm showing you, aren't you jealous? Yes, Jenelle, we are.

Granted, it's only a glimpse, but that's love handle territory, and there doesn't seem to be any extra flabbiness to hold onto there. Again, this woman had a baby less than two months ago! How they heck does she look like that already?

Jenelle has always been a tiny girl, so it's not a huge shock that she has gotten her body back so quickly after her pregnancy. But we still can't help but be  little jealous.

Are you surprised Jenelle is rocking midriffs less than two months postpartum?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Instagram

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