'Downton Abbey' Season 5 Promo Includes Hilariously Inaccurate Item (PHOTO)

Downton AbbeyHere in the U.S. we have to wait until January 4 to start watching season 5 of Downton Abbey. That's sort of a bummer, considering it's likely to begin airing across the pond in September and it'll be impossible to avoid spoilers (particularly if a main character gets, say, killed in a shocking car accident), but the good news is there are tons of new promotional images and teases to speculate over while we wait. For FIVE MORE MONTHS.

The latest images are not only fun to look at, they reveal some information about the season to come. For instance, the images of Lady Mary's and Sybil's children are aged a few years, which is interesting since we know the season will pick up six months after season 4 left off -- therefore, it seems we can expect a midseason time jump.

Also, one of the Downton Abbey press photos suggests the presence of an actual time machine. How else can the mysterious object included in the image be explained?


Lots of new images have been shared via the official Downton Abbey Instagram account, and out of those, I'm most intrigued by this one:

Does this mean Lady Mary has chosen Lord Gillingham as her season 5 beau? And if so, is that a good thing? I can't remember who I liked better, Gillingham or the other dark-haired smolder-y guy who's totally in love with Mary despite her having the personality of a frozen chicken breast.

However, the photo that tops them all in terms of sheer fan reaction has to be this one, which was posted today on Facebook and ITV's website:

Spot anything amiss? Something that indicates Downton may have somehow taken a trip to the future?

Yeah, oops. Someone's getting 20 lashes with a wet noodle for leaving that water bottle in the shot. Mistakes happen, of course, but I'm greatly entertained by the fact that this photo was taken, presumably digitally retouched, and published without anyone noticing the prominently displayed item that most definitely did not exist in 1924.

Did you see this photo gaffe right away?

Images via PBS/Instagram/ITV

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