'Teen Mom 2' Recap: Javi Marroquin Leaves Kailyn Lowry Alone With the Kids

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Kailyn Lowry is all too familiar with the military spouse life. So when it was time for Javi Marroquin to head off for job training on tonight's Teen Mom 2, she knew what to expect. But that didn't mean it wasn't difficult.

While Javi shipped off for a month-long assignment, Kail was left alone with both kids and had to drive six hours to hand off Isaac to Jo and take care of the baby by herself. She had some support from friends, but the day-to-day was spent completely solo.

But the rest of the episode was filled with some great news for the moms!

Jenelle Evans' baby daddy, Nathan Griffith, was released early from jail! He came home weeks before his sentence was supposed to end and promised that he'd be "a better boyfriend" to Jenelle. After having plenty of time to reflect about their relationship and anger issues, he resolved to make changes and patch things up before Kaiser's arrival.

Meanwhile, Chelsea Houska heard that Adam Lind's charges were brought to the court. He had a preliminary hearing for his reckless driving and the fiery car wreck, pleaded not guilty, and will be facing a jury trial. But her story had a good ending: she had to appear in front of the cosmetology commission, which explained that she could not commit the same mistakes again. And then she finally received her esthetician's license! Girl's going pro.

Finally, it was the moment we'd all been waiting for: Leah Calvert's daughter, Ali, finally got her wheelchair. The family had moved into their new apartment and Ali's wheels were the only missing piece. Luckily, they went to a hospital in Ohio, where she tested a chair, took a video to prove to insurance that she could drive it, and then went home with a loaner wheelchair. Now she's mobile and ready to zoom around!

What was your favorite part of the episode?


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nonmember avatar krystian

I only watch this for Chelsea, and kail.

Leah is so selfish and whiney.....that little girl does not need a damn pink chair. Nor does she need a chair that lifts her the way the one she tried at the hospital let her borrow.

Ab Normaal

totally agree with you Krystian. I soooo grew annoyed with Leah over the past years! She's a spoiled brat and l honestly don't know why the boys were fighting for her attention. bleeergh. l think her old bf Robbie got the better end of the stick lol

nonmember avatar Jill

Think Kail deserves a mom of the year award. To put up with Jo and all his selfish non compromising views over Isaac. How can the guy even contemplate messing up his sons education just so he can see him an extra night? He's a right spoilt mummy's boy who will spend the rest of his life lining lawyers pockets just because of his inability to compromise and his bull headed opinions. Get a life, enjoy the time you have with your son and stop your childish antics. Also try not to resort to playground tactics like name calling and saying really upsetting things next time you are slightly annoyed with Kail. Grow up and act like an adult instead of using your family for protection. You know Kail has been vulnerable with the pregnancy and still bullied her, she has limiited family support and a new son with her husband serving your country so get off your backside and meet her half way for access. You move it quickly enough when you need to see your lawyer. Good luck Kail with the kids enjoy them and please tell your ex to get that moody look off his face, get an education and enjoy the time he has with his son. Also save all court documents for Isaac for when he's 18 :)

luvmy... luvmybubs

Jill why should Kail save all court records until Isaac is 18? That is incredibly immature and petty. Isaac will see his father for who he is when he becomes an adult on his own and also as he grows up, people do it all the time.  All any parent needs to do is the best job they can and support their child however they can even when the other parent is not doing their part. Children notice a lot more than most people give them credit for.

nonmember avatar Maria

I'm so glad Kailyn found herself a nice, family, responsible and working guy like Javi. I see the other girls gettingon these on-and-off relationships with trouble guys, in probation, jail or something like that. The girls keep waiting, but in the end, they leave all the responsabilies for them. It's a non-stop cycle.

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