Gwyneth Paltrow Is Dating Brad Falchuk From 'Glee'!

gwyneth paltrowThere was a little part of me that hoped Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's conscious uncoupling wouldn't last forever. That his song "A Sky Full of Stars" with his band Coldplay was going to make Gwynnie see that she is the stars in his eyes and such a heavenly view. Maybe the two of them would see through all the goop and realize they were meant to be together. But something has happened that makes me think that Gwyneth and Chris are done for good.

Gwyneth is dating someone from Glee. Yes, that show. The show she has guest-starred on five times since 2010. If I were Chris, I wouldn't feel very good about this.


Gwyneth is dating Glee's co-creater Brad Falchuk. This is Brad Falchuk.

Handsome guy. Seems like Gwyneth's type. As we all know, Chris and Gwynnie uncoupled about four months ago. Brad and his wife filed for divorce last year. Both couples were married for 10 years and have two kids each. So what do we make of the fact that Gwyneth has been singing her heart out on Glee as Holly Holliday for the last four?

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Sources say that "things started off professionally" between Brad and Gwyneth. Brad as in Falchuk, not Pitt, who so famously was her ex-fiance. Maybe she has a thing for Brads. Something changed and Paltrow and Falchuk are now having romantic dinner dates and flying off in fancy jets for romantic getaways. Wow. I'm not ready for Gwynnie to be with someone else.

I hope Chris Martin isn't reading this. He might not be ready either. And if he is, he may be now writing his next song about it. It's got to be hard for him to know his ex is dating someone she knew when their marriage was supposedly solid. Or maybe it's easier. Maybe he knows Brad, or knows he's a good guy who is going to treat his ex well, and who is going to be good to his kids if the relationship progresses to the point where he would meet them. Speaking from experience, the whole moving on when you have an ex with whom you have children thing can be extremely awkward. And dating someone you knew when you were with your ex happens. Sometimes very innocently, might I add. So I'm not going to jump to conclusions. I'll only say it may have brought up some questions in Chris' mind.

What do you think? Is Gwyneth moving on too soon? Are you surprised she's dating Falchuk?

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