Ciara Calls Off Engagement to Fiance 3 Months After Baby Arrives

CiaraWow, this is really sad news. Ciara has reportedly ended her engagement to the father of her child, rapper Future. The two just had a son, also named Future, three months ago. Sources tell US Weekly: "He cheated on her. Game over."

Ughhhh, so heartbreaking. The source continued:

She's devastated. Ciara's focus now is the baby.

So horrible finding something like this out right after you have a baby. Could it be true? If so, Ciara shows no sign of it on either Twitter or Instagram. In fact, just 13 hours ago, she wrote, "Today was a good day."

But several outlets are reporting the same thing. TMZ says that Ciara found out Future was cheating while he was on tour. Also that Ciara intends to get full custody of baby Future.

Of course, plenty of commenters are noting that Future didn't exactly seem like monogamous material, what with four babies by four different mothers. Hey, I'm sure she realizes that now.

But now isn't the time to point fingers. Whether it's Lamar Odom, Dean McDermott, or Hank Baskett, I just don't get these guys. And yeah, women could do themselves a favor by looking more closely at a guy's romantic history. But that's neither here nor there right now. Ciara just had a baby and she must be shell-shocked.

Anyway, while the wives of the other men mentioned tried or are still trying to work it out, Ciara seems to be completely done, at least if sources are correct. Each woman has to do what she feels is right for her, but it is admirable to draw a boundary and, if it's crossed, not give any second chances.

Sounds like Future is her Past.

Did you see this coming?


Image via Ciara/Instagram

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Doris Taylor

Of course I saw this coming lol wow, what did she expect and he has four other baby mommas. I love Cierra but, I knew he wasn't the one come on man they are both attractive 90% lol and that's being nice, but 90 % of all rappers/R/B singers cheat while on tour and even when their not, new baby or not they don't care. I hope Cierra is serious and takes her baby and focuses on herself, no need to hit the studio because it doesn't work for you maybe just do some modeling or something because your pretty and you have the sexapeal. You go girl! hold your head up and made Future your sure enough past.

MamaY... MamaYankee

A man cheats WITH you but you get upset when he cheats ON you? He was with India when she took him so she shouldn't be mad or surprised

Torra... TorranceMom

Guess she should have kept her "goodies" in the jar.  

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