Nikki Ferrell Openly Attacks 'Bachelor in Paradise' Star Elise Mosca

Nikki Ferrell Elise Mosca

I haven't always been her biggest fan, but after hearing Nikki Ferrell call out Elise Mosca on Twitter after she made some of the dumbest comments we've ever heard on Bachelor in Paradise, she just went up a notch or two in my book.

OMG, you guys -- did you pay any attention to what Elise said, er, was trying to say during that crazy rose ceremony speech on Monday night? By far, my favorite part of the whole thing was when she addressed the crowd and said, "I as a woman deserve 100 percent ..." blah, blah, blah.


I mean ... "deserves"?!? Seriously?

Ok, back to Nikki. Well, apparently even though she originally said she'd rather "stab pencils in her eyeballs" than watch the show, she got suckered in. Then she proceeded to deem Elise as one of the stupidest chicks on the planet. Check it out.

OMG. "Dumber than a box of rocks." I hate to say it, but Nikki hit the nail right on the head. I mean, we've all said things that come off as kind of idiotic from time to time, but it's like every time Elise opens her mouth, she makes less and less sense.

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But still, Nikki probably should've known that she'd receive backlash for attacking Elise, especially considering she was kind of seen as the villain on Juan Pablo's season of The Bachelor. It certainly can't help her reputation to be downright mean (and openly mean) to another woman, so she might want to think about using a little more restraint the next time the Twitter bug bites her in the ass.

Do you think Elise comes off as dumb?


Images via nikki_ferrell/Instagram; ABC

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