New 'Teen Mom' Season Confirmed for 2015!


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Yes! We've been keeping our fingers crossed that this would become a reality someday, and now Us Weekly has confirmed that the original Teen Mom cast is coming back for a new season in 2015! (Yes, for reals!)

Ok, so technically it won't be exactly the same cast this time around. While we'll get to see Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell, and Amber Portwood, I guess we shouldn't be the least bit surprised that Farrah Abraham will not be making a big return. (You know, because she has bigger and better things to do. Literally.)

OMG, people -- how exciting is this news? I mean, we got all fired up over the "Ask the Moms" Teen Mom special that will be taped later this month, but can you imagine how great it will be to catch up with these ladies more in depth?

It definitely sounds like we're in for a real treat based on comments they each made about what fans will see on the new season.

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Catelynn said, "Tyler and I have always done the show to help people. Now people can see what it will be like to juggle the responsibilities of taking care of our new baby while navigating our relationship with Carly and her adoptive parents."

Ahhhhh! We're going to get to meet their newest addition! (I can't wait.)

As for Maci, the show will give us a glimpse into her home life with boyfriend Taylor McKinney and Bentley and also her professional life as a social media marketing specialist.

And Amber plans on going to college and concentrating on her relationship with Leah, so it sounds like we're going to see a totally different side of her than what we're used to.

While we don't yet know when the new Teen Mom season will premiere, there will be a catch-up special about the girls airing this fall. At least we'll have that to tide us over!

Ugh. Isn't waiting the worst?

Are you excited for the new season of Teen Mom?


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nonmember avatar krystian

Stop praising Tyler and Caitlin. They've done nothing special or great.

And all they will do as far as the new baby and carly is complain about not having both together.

They will just sit and go

"I wish carly was here, I wonder how she would get along with her new sibling."

Kathy Weiss Lockard

Caitlyn and Tyler did what they thought was best for Carly. Neither one of their home lives was a good situation to bring a baby into.

Amy Hyland

I thought amber already signed up for college classes?? She told Dr. Phil that she already signed up for classes and that she starts in January of this year....

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