Chris Soules Basically Confirms He's 'The Bachelor' With Telling Photo

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Chris Soules

Sooooo, remember yesterday when Reality Steve named Chris Soules as the next Bachelor? Yeah, well, if there was any doubt in your mind as to whether or not he's telling the truth, you can go ahead and put it to rest.

A very telling photo popped up on Chris' Instagram page today. If it doesn't basically scream, "I'm ABC's new Bachelor," then I honestly don't know what the point in sharing it was in the first place.

Take a look at see what you make of the shot.

Um, "America Needs Farmers"? And he's holding a rose in his teeth, of all things?

If I didn't know any better, I'd say Chris is sending his fans a very clear message that he's more than ready to have his pick of 25 ladies to hand roses out to, and he's totally pumped up about bringing farmers back as far as what constitutes a sexy dude goes.

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Good grief. Why doesn't ABC just go ahead and admit it already? My guess is they won't make the announcement until the end of Bachelor in Paradise (you know, because they want everyone focused on that ...). Still, it's certainly not going to come as a surprise to anyone when Chris is named as their leading man.

On that note, I guess congratulations are in order? Something tells me women are never going to look at dudes from Iowa the same after Chris' season gets rolling.

Are you excited to watch Chris as The Bachelor?


Image via souleschris/Instagram

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nonmember avatar Me

Hah!Funny pic!......Love Chris,he's the man I wanted them to pick....he's a honeybun.

Cindi Christenson

Maybe he can bring some "class" to this show...

Shannon Worcester

This is Chris at the Iowa State Fair that is happening now. The local ABC channel had Andrew Firestone show up due to his connections to Iowa and now I'm sure they took advantage of having Chris there. I'm Team Chris but this doesn't automatically mean he's the next Bachelor

nonmember avatar Iowan

Chris was at the State Fair judging the Iowa Farm Bureau annual cook off. "America Needs Farmers" or ANF is a joint effort between the Iowa Farm Bureau and the University of Iowa Hawkeye football team. It's also a throw-back to the ANF campaign during the Farm Crisis of the 1980's. America does need farmers. But only if you want to eat.

nonmember avatar Denise

CANNOT wait to see him as Bachelor and if he does not turn out to be, it will be the biggest disappointment in TV history. And this is coming from an older woman!

Joan Csoka

Definitely "Yes". I was rooting for him. Loved him from the first minute I saw him. Hope he finds true love. He deserves it.

Judy Gayle Horn

yes chris does deserve to find a true love he is awe some

Cynthia Vincent

I would love it to be Chris.He deserves to fine real love

nonmember avatar Julia

So many of us tweeted that we want Chris as the next Bachelor! I hope it's true! I agree that they're going to make us sit through Bachelor in Paradise first.

Patti Lewis Hyatte

Heck ya, can't wait to see Chris on the next Bachelor! Don't disappoint the fans!

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