Leah Calvert Openly Slams Her Ex but Is Only Hurting Herself


Leah Calvert

Last week, we learned that Leah Calvert hired a divorce lawyer, which led us to believe that there's trouble in paradise once again for her and her husband Jeremy Calvert.

But as is usually the case, claims about trouble in the marriage were quickly dismissed. Now it looks like we know the real reason Leah is singing her attorney's praises.

Get a load of this tweet she posted yesterday, which pretty much seems to bash her ex, Corey Simms, right where it really hurts.

Yeah ... Leah is clearly pissed at Corey, or Corey's family members, based on the "grandparent" part of her message.

And though we can't be totally sure what's going on here, Leah obviously has a bone to pick with someone who is involved in caring for her kids.

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OMG. She has to be talking about Corey, right? Even though it appeared as though they were doing just fine with co-parenting for a while, this is definitely an indication that they're having some sort of major issue with their arrangement.

And while it's completely understandable for Leah to be upset about anything related to her girls not being treated the way they deserve, it's probably a good idea for her to keep her complaints off social media; otherwise, they could come back to haunt her down the road.

Regardless of how pissed off she might be right now, Corey is still the father of her children, and she runs the risk of them one day seeing negative comments she made about him in the past. (Assuming she's referring to him with this tweet, that is.)

It can be so easy to get carried away and post something out of bitterness when we're feeling super emotional, but it really is in Leah's best interests to restrain herself a little better from here on out. The last thing she needs is any additional drama in her life, especially if she's the one creating it.

Do you think Leah is having custody issues with Corey?


Image via leahdawncalvert/Instagram

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nonmember avatar krystian

She's probably just pissed Because Cory hasn't been on the insurances ass about the wheel chair. So she went to her lawyer to get it fixed.

nonmember avatar missliss

Anyone notice how strung out she is lately?? Somehow I doubt it's those anti anxiety meds making her feel like a "druggie" I've never seen anyone be that affected by them before.

It looks more like she's on something else and is using these medications to try and really badly cover her tracks. just sayin!

nonmember avatar krystian

Miss liss,

She was taking too much at one time.

I've been on what she was on before.

krist... kristensmommy

Shes on my nerves. Always on some high and mighty kick. And always out to se what more she can get out of Corey.

nonmember avatar Laura

Just a clear sign of immaturity. These are personal problems that should be addressed face-to-face, not on social media. She still acts like a 16 year old.

nonmember avatar Whitney

Corey refuses to accept the full weight of their daughter's disabilities and how bad things could get. He needs to get off his ass and make sure his insurance pays for the wheelchair she needs . . . even if she doesn't need it all day, every day.

nonmember avatar Giselle

Wtf can Corey do to "make" his insurance pay for a wheelchair? All he can do is submit the appropriate paperwork - nothing more! I do get all the Corey bashing regarding his insurance that Leah and Jeremy do.

nonmember avatar Sharon

Based from experience, insurance companies move at their own pace. Just because you feel it is necessary and no matter how much you complain, they will do what they want and in their good old time. She should cut Corey some slack.

Jo-Ann Tuohey

The worst part of all of this is that Jeremy has jumped on the "Corey bashing wagon" that Leah created. Leah has shown how immature and whiny she is throughout the whole show, she needs to stop. Can't Jeremy see that when Leah doesn't get her own way, she cries screams, yells, threatens, etc.??? She has done it to Jeremy too and if they ever split up she will tear him up on social media too. Leah tries to make it look like she is only looking out for her child, no, she wants everyone else to do all the work and her take all the credit. Corey isn't aggressive and if the insurance company is taking it's darn time with the wheelchair then so be it, Corey isn't the type to call them and scream and yell. It is not like the chilld can't walk at all without a wheelchair. Unfortunately, it looks like Leah is looking for attention as usual. She should put all her negative energy into keeping her kids clean, combing their hair, and feeding them something besides cheese balls!! 

nonmember avatar Amber

Couldn't she be talking about her bio dad?

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