'RHOC' Tamra Barney Judge vs. The World: Who's Right? (VIDEO)

Tamra BarneyOh, Tamra. Wow. On last night's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange CountyTamra Barney Judge faced off against the rest of the cast. No wonder she's been having a social media meltdown! In today's exclusive video episode below, I take on the second half of the RHOC trip to Bali, and what the Orange County ladies have that no other Housewives franchise has. And it's not good. Also today, episodes 2 and 3 catch us up on The Real Housewives of Melbourne, and episode 2 of the new series Jersey Belle.

Season 9 of Orange County seems to be full of more producer meddling than we have ever seen before -- but that may not be a bad thing. I suppose that since audiences have become more savvy, editors need to confuse us more. Maybe? In any case, in today's video episode below, I discuss what HAD to be a setup, what MAY have been, and what just happened naturally, because there is that as well.

Real Housewives of Melbourne

Moving over to Australia, as it's only a few hours from Bali, not 19 as it is for Orange County, I got myself fully up to date on The Real Housewives of Melbourne. It's interesting to me to see not only a newbie cast, but also a newbie crew. I break down why some of the ladies seem like virgins fumbling in the dark, and how that can and will get better. I'm fascinated by Jackie Gillies, and there's an interesting parallel to be drawn between Gina Liano and another infamous housewife. Can you guess who? Watch and see!

Finally, we've got episode 2 of Jersey Belle, which takes the publicist concept of a reality show and adds docu-soap to create a very interesting hybrid. So far, Jaime Primak Sullivan and her Southern chicks are holding my attention, and in today's episode, I explain how its future could swing either way. Watch now!


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Whose side are you on -- Tamra's or everyone else's?


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nonmember avatar Vickie

I'm in Australia and watched the Real Housewives of Melbourne. You are right on the money with all the housewives.
Andrea: once worked for Chyka as a waitress, married a plastic surgeon and will always tell you how much she pays for everything. Oh & she's writing a book on how to raise kids without lifting a finger.
Lydia: As stupid as they come, talks alot about sex & thinks the Louvre is in London.
Janet: Is like Tamra, spreads the gossip & sits back to watch.
Jackie: Thinks she's married to a Johnny Depp lookalike, charges $500 for a 30 min reading & is there to sell us her vodka, it was going to be tequila but the angels told her to go for vodka instead.
Chyka: Lovely woman, a real lady & successful business owner.
Gina: Gina is going to be what Lisa Vanderpump was this season, the one they all pick on. But Gina can take each one of them on without even raising her voice or working up a sweat. She was fan favourite.

nonmember avatar DameAng

Jersey Belle and the Charleston, SC are two of the most refreshing shows Bravo has had in a while.

Ron Kurczak

so interesting to read the above comment from an austalian viewer's take on the ladies!!! just like with "Ladies of London", Americans had a much different view usually than their British counterparts. i'm not sure where Simon is from specifically, but I wonder what his take is of the ladies and how they represent Melbourne & Austalia in general. Personally i'm surprised Gina was so well-liked, but we have yet to see the whole season play out. I am not a fan of Lydia at all. she plays for the camera and over-embellishes her grandeous lifestyle. it's sort of annoying. and if Jackie says "rock n roll" one more time i might lose my mind. she said she is 30? maybe it's something Americans just don't do, but i don't know anyone in their 30s who drop the term "rock n roll"....or ever really even say that. it's so cliche and sounds stupid. if anything, you just say "rock"....

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