Prince Harry Is Dating a Kate Middleton Look-Alike (PHOTO)

Prince Harry, Prince William, and Kate Middleton

Talk about seeing double! We always knew that Prince William and Prince Harry had a lot in common, but who knew they also shared a similar taste in brunettes? Rumor has it that Prince Harry is dating someone that looks so much like Kate Middleton that it will be difficult telling the two women apart.

Camilla Thurlow

According to sources, hottie Harry is dating Camilla Thurlow, who just happens to look like the Duchess’ long lost twin (no, seriously!). The 25-year-old Scottish beauty works for the Halo Trust, a non-profit organization set up by Princess Diana in order to clear landmines in areas around the world affected by conflict.

So not only is she princess-material, but she’s following in Princess Diana’s footsteps, too.

Apparently, Prince Harry and Camilla have been getting chummy lately. She’s been spending a lot of time with the Ginger Prince. A source close to the new couple says:

They’ve been texting ever since and she has been over for drinks at his apartment twice -- once with friends and once on her own.

And if that’s not enough, Camilla also happens to be Harry’s perfect match because girlfriend apparently LOVES to party and could possibly be the Prince's new Las Vegas drinking buddy:

Camilla is always the life and soul of the party. Harry is playing it cool because he wants to have fun, but Camilla could be just what he needs to get over Cressida once and for all.

So, with Camilla hanging around, I could imagine Kate is feeling a bit threatened. She’s gorgeous, she’s got a good head on her shoulders, and she’s both fun and interesting. She’s basically the female version of Prince Harry but with Kate Middleton’s looks. OMG, now that I think about it, she’s PERFECT for the royal family. In fact, the British royals need someone like Camilla to help bring a little spark back in the family.

Do you think Prince Harry finally found “the one” with Camilla? 

Images via Splash News/Getty The Halo Trust

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nonmember avatar lynn

what has harrys new girlfriend got to do with lazy katie ugh! Duchess do little is nauseating, boring,bland, yah the BRF needs "a breath of fresh air" after all of lazie katie nude scandals they need someone who can bring sanity to RF

Catherine Chesterfield

why in the world would kate have issues with harry' new girlfriend???
she has nothing to worry about.
like diana before her there is only one kate middleton/duchess of cambridge/princess catherine/queen catherine.

Annie Lanham

A much better choice for Harry than Cressida. Hope they make a go of it.


Caroline Shirley

sounds like he has, hope this romance lasts

Linda Tennier-Childs

If Prince Harry is happy, then we should all be happy for him and Camilla is a very beautiful girl. If they end up together I sure hope the paparazzi leave them alone and let them live their life happily.

Carole Myers

I think if he is happy great, but she needs to change her name, lol There is only Camilla and there shouldn't even be that one!

Elva Poole

I think Kate is prettier!

nonmember avatar Lorraine Haeg

PLEASEEEEEEEEE have her change her middle name! Not another Camilla...oh no....Diana could not take it...

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