Kim Kardashian's Tight Maroon Dress Shows Off Every Inch of Her (PHOTO)

Kim Kardashian Jonathan Cheban

I'm sorry, I know she's been ranting and raving about her weight lately, but after seeing Kim Kardashian's super hot maroon dress, her body cannot be described as anything other than INSANE. In a totally positive way, that is.

She wore the frock for a date night of sorts, though Kanye West was nowhere in sight. Instead, her pal Jonathan Cheban accompanied her to dinner in New York City, though it's almost a shame that she wasted such a sexy look on someone who is not her husband.

As far as Kim's trademark clingy dresses go, this one just might be her most snug-fitting yet.


Kim Kardashian Jonathan Cheban

I know. Her figure is off the charts. You can't pull off wearing something like this if your bod isn't completely flab-free, so it accentuates just how slim Kim really is.

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Look at how tiny her waist is! And I know she thinks her "hips and butt are huge," but she appears to be perfectly proportionate to me. Isn't an hourglass figure kind of desirable these days? Seriously, wouldn't you love to trade places with Kim and have a ridiculously hot body that people can't resist staring at?

She's simply stunning. We know it. Kanye knows it. And I'm sure Jonathan Cheban wasn't exactly complaining about being out with the hottest chick in town last night.

Come on, Kim, give yourself a little more credit from here on out. You certainly deserve it.

What do you think of Kim's maroon dress?


Images via RGK/PacificCoastNews; Splash News

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