Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett’s Marriage Takes an Unexpected Turn

Last we heard, things were not good in Kendra Wilkinson Land. Her marriage was in shambles following rumors of husband Hank Baskett hooking up with a transsexual model while she was heavily pregnant with their second child. If that won't put a crimp in your relationship, I don't know what will. We've heard that Kendra just can't forgive Hank and has visited a divorce lawyer. And she was recently spotted out wearing an "I'm Not Sorry" T-shirt, which seemed to indicate ... I have no freaking idea, but it doesn't sound good. Anyway, now it all seems like perhaps things are totally different from what we've been led to believe.

RadarOnline, which originally broke the cheating scandal and seems to have a mole within Kendra and Hank's marriage, says the embattled pair recently hosted a BBQ party at their place, and despite Hank's rumored piggish ways, he was there to share the pork.

A source told the gossip site:

It seems like everything is good and he seemed happy. He said he’s living at home. Everyone is acting like nothing happened.

Well, maybe they've just forgotten about the entire thing? Has been a couple of months after all. Okay, unlikely.

My guess is that them living together is all for Kendra's show, Kendra on Top, which they are in the midst of filming. There wouldn't be much plot if she kicked him out and refused to speak to him ever again.

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And we've already heard that they filmed an episode at the therapist's office, so perhaps they've learned to get along for the sake of the kids. I'm getting a real True Tori vibe about this whole thing. In fact, a source told RadarOnline:

Kendra's a really smart girl. She knows how the business works and she knows how to make lemonade out of lemons.

Or in this case, transsexualade out of transsexualons.

Do you think they're back together?


Image via TheHankBaskett/Twitter

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Polye... PolyesterGerbil

Or the affair was just a ruse to generate publicity for the show.

nonmember avatar sarah

hate to say I told you so but I told you so

nonmember avatar krystian

If this really did happen, hank wouldn't be at home. I can tell you that much. I've followed Kendra since she first appeared on tv.

She has always said that she would not tolerate cheating.

And stop saying she is a tori spelling, Kendra has been in reality tv long before hand. And would never put her family at risk just to make a quick buck.

Paws84 Paws84

I don't think they were ever seperated. Her new season of Kendra on Top premieres in October. She went to the divorce lawyer because that's what will get ratings. Now that filming is over, they're all of a sudden all great again? Hmmm... Yea all this was made up for the show.

nonmember avatar me

who cares? if she wants to forgive him, she has every right to. my husband cheated on me when i was ' heavily pregnant' with our third child. it was rough for a while but at the end neither one of us wanted to break up our family. it took a while but we worked thru it. point being, it happens. people fudge up and sometimes theyre forgiven. so what? i think if you can, you should try to forgive and keep moving forward when theres kids involved. tori and dean should give it a rest though. no matter how made up that mess is,those poor kids are living in it.

Cooks... Cookster792

We can all give our opinions but the decision is theirs since it is their life. I wish both of them the best whatever they decide.

nonmember avatar imjustme87

What she decides to do with her marriage is her business. With that being said, I don't think I could do it. I could probably forgive my husband for cheating on me with another woman depending on the circumstances (length of affair, one time, if he cut it off and agreed to counseling). I could not however forgive him for cheating on me with a man. I would constantly be questioning his sexuality and I just would no longer find him appealing.

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