Kim Kardashian Posts Uber-Embarrassing Pics of Kylie Jenner (PHOTOS)


Kim Kardashian Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner celebrated her 17th birthday this weekend, and while she was fully embracing her "adult" side at her party, celebrating with the likes of Justin Bieber and Chris Brown and apparently chugging shots and blowing out candles on a penis-shaped cake (that sounds pretty gross!), big sister Kim was determined to remind her that she's still just a little girl.

Kim posted a series of flashback photos of the littlest Kard-Jenner that harken back to her pre-lip filler days. How cute and innocent Kylie looks! Man, those days are most assuredly over. Check it out:

Kylie Jenner

Given how mature and sultry Kylie tries to appear in all of her selfies, often striking pouty modelesque poses with her pal Hailey Baldwin, I can't imagine Kylie was too thrilled with Kim reminding the world of how freckled and baby-faced she used to be. Not to mention how much smaller her natural lips are.

Kim even rubbed it in by captioning one particularly unflattering shot, "Sexy!!!"

Did Kim do this just to embarrass her? Well, I wouldn't put it past Kim. But probably like most older sisters, she still sees Kylie as a kid, and always will, no matter how many duckfaces or too-cool-for-school shots she posts on Instagram.

I bet Kylie is scrambling to dig up some uber-embarrassing shots of a preteen Kim.

Do you think Kim was trying to embarrass her?


Image via KimKardashian/Instagram



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Dawn Dealmeida

And I hope she does cause pay backs a bitch..I'm sure Kim has quite a few pics she wouldn't want posted..find some good ones kyley

MileyWHO MileyWHO

Kim is the most embarassing female of all time.   Who is she to insult her little sister and try to humiliate her?    Jealous, Kim>    of course you are.

Natalie Sims

The pictures are of Kylie as a kid. It's not like they were taken of her yesterday. Anyway, I think Kim is more jealous of Kendall. Kim wishes she had that tall, lean model's body like Kendall's.

nonmember avatar Donna

Ever hear of Karma,Kim?? LOL

Alicia DeBord

Who is she to talk, did she forget her sex tape.

Anya Wilsher

this is ridiculous, everyone does this on birthdays, have you been on Facebook lately, because i know for sure posting pictures from past times on someones birthday is definitely a new trend and who is more of a trend setter then Kim kardashian. Will kylie be fazed by the pictures. No way. Kim is a millionaire yummy mummy why would she be jealous of her teenage sister?. She wouldnt, exactly!

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