Silly Mistake That Will Bring Down 'RHONJ's Amber Marchese (VIDEO)

If you gave new cast members of the Real Housewives franchises a manual, any advice, or suggestions, we'd lose the fun of seeing them sink or swim. It may be harsh, but that is what the franchise has come to. We expect long-standing cast members to circle the newbies like a bunch of bloodthirsty sharks in gleeful, snarky anticipation. And YES, I'm aware how ironic this is coming from me. So, The Real Housewives of New Jersey has three new cast members this season, and Amber Marchese and Nicole Napolitano are making mistakes all over the place. In today's exclusive episode, I break down episode 6.5, as well as Keeping Up With the Kardashians episode 9.17 and Botched episode 1.7.

Melissa Gorga is part of the RHONJ First Blood, ahem, I mean First Responders controversy, and in today's episode, I break down everyone's part in the drama and what is likely going on behind-the-scenes. Also, we can't ignore the men. Jim Marchese is making his own newbie mistakes, and this is particularly interesting to me as it brings up the "Should Husbands Get Involved in the Housewives Drama" argument again. I have strong opinions here -- my viewers will remember I've defended men on other cities in the franchise such as Slade Smiley, Peter Thomas, and Terry Dubrow, among others. But does Jim deserve the same courtesy? Watch and see.

On the west coast, the Kardashian family have returned from Thailand and are back at work. Some storylines feel ridiculously forced and others sneak up on you with surprising information the family may not have intended viewers to pick up. Kris Jenner and Bruce get into a big argument over medical marijuana, which I found fascinating, and Scott Disick is accumulating some serious baggage he'll have to deal with when this show runs its course. It's a deep dive into how reality TV affects your real life.

Finally, Doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif are to be congratulated on the renewal of their plastic surgery hit Botched, and in today's video, I take you through the progression of the season and how I think both the doctors and producers were very, very smart. Watch now!

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Do you think Amber's husband is as much of a jerk as he seems?


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Polye... PolyesterGerbil

I just can't with Bruce Jenner's plucked eyebrows and lip gloss.

Doreen Murray

Thank-You,I miss Bravo. Great Job!
I'll catch up in the fall though,but miss these stupid shows.

Mary Phillips

Enjoyed your comments as usual!! Just sa news of Robin Williams. SO SAD!!

Amanda Davis Reeves

I need the medical MJ myself, but in New Jersey, the darn laws are so frikkin strict(you have had to been with the doc writing the script, for at least 4 years, among other insane stuff)where as in CA, you get a script from the pain management doc, and off you go.

Kris and MJ were adorable last night, with the gummy bears! Bruce is an old Fuddy Duddy...he doesn't live there, so who the hell is he to say what can or cannot be brought in the house.

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