Jenelle Evans & Nathan Griffith Defend Her Abusive Behavior Toward Dogs


jenelle evans nathan griffithWhen Nathan Griffith left to serve his month-long jail sentence earlier this year, Jenelle Evans was left alone, pregnant, and in charge of the couple's two dogs. And as we saw on this week's episode of Teen Mom 2, she took her anger out on the family pets, and the fans and online community were not too happy at her reaction. So now, both Jenelle and Nathan have taken to Twitter and MTV to defend Jenelle's abusive behavior.

Just this week, Jace and Kaiser's momma sat down with MTV cameras to come clean about what happened during filming and talk about what she's learned from the experience and backlash. Take a look:

Believe it or not, that's not all. As calm as Jenelle seemed in the video, Nathan's reaction to the situation was not as polite. 

Not only was he upset at the reaction she was getting from fans and even PETA, but he attempted to justify what happened.

Sure, the entire situation may not have been easy. She was left alone while pregnant and her boyfriend was in jail. None of that sounds ideal. But to take it out on the puppies, and even in front of Jace, was the wrong thing to do. Period.

It seems like Jenelle understands what she did wrong. Nathan's somewhat incoherent reaction, on the other hand, tries to take all blame away from Jenelle. Let's be real, getting angry at people's responses is definitely not the right way to handle the frenzy. It's time to face it: she may have been under stress, but that's no excuse.

Let's hope they both learned from the situation and that Moogan and Jax have a much safer home.

Do you think Jenelle was sincere in her apology?


Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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nonmember avatar dani

Ok people need to get off of janelles back I would have been the same way if I was pregnant and left alone to care for them especially if one isn't listening to me. And she did not do it in front of Jace. Jace was in bed in another he didn't see any of it. I don't blame janelle or Nathan for defending her acts!

Amy Hyland

Wow....what a fake video, I wonder how much MTV paid her to say that, she replied back to PETA with a pic saying she didn't have any fucks to give, she is so full of shit and fake

TNRCa... TNRCatLady

It doesn't matter how upset you are there is never an excuse to abuse an animal...

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