'19 Kids & Counting' Season 9 Premiere Date & What We Can Expect!

19 kids and counting

Fans of 19 Kids & Counting were stoked to learn that the Duggar family-themed show was renewed for a ninth season. The first episode will premiere on Tuesday, September 2 on TLC at 9 p.m. ET. The show will then run through November, according to reports.

Apparently the show picks up right where it left off last summer from season 8. And there is one thing in particular fans can't wait to see, although the photos have been out for a couple months now. But that's okay. Yes, that's right, most likely season 9 will feature Jill Duggar's wedding to Derick Dillard. The wedding took place in June, but fans are going to love seeing it play out on their television screens. At least TLC is hoping so!

There's plenty more for those who love the show to look forward to. Considering Derick's proposal led to the highest ratings ever in the series history, we can only wait and see what happens this fall. I have a feeling the ratings will only continue to climb.

Here's what else may be in store for season 9! TLC claims that fans will get to check out Jim and Michelle's celebration for their Pearl anniversary. Also, Josh and Anna will make a decision "to make a few changes in their own growing family." The couple has three children. Wonder what that means? Another Duggar on the way? Can the universe handle that? Will they be moving from Washington, DC, to be closer to the rest of the family?

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Also, Jessa and Ben will get everyone wondering if and when they're getting engaged. Ben apparently surprises everyone when he moves to live closer to Jessa. Rumors of Ben popping the question have been running rampant, and it's only a matter of time. Perhaps they were able to keep it a secret for this long to coincide with the timing of season 9. That would be pretty epic!

In terms of what else fans will see, on top of Jill and Derick's wedding, they will take care of his mother, Cathy, as she battles cancer.

From anniversaries to weddings to engagements to family plans, looks like there are a lot of changes in store for the Duggars. With 19 kids, that seems rather inevitable. Just be sure to tune in September 2 to watch it all go down!

Will you be tuning in to the season premiere of 19 Kids & Counting?


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nonmember avatar Lisa cash

Yes can't wait they are wonderful show an makes you feel like u r part of the family I love it

NeonG... NeonGirl9583

Oh yea! I love that show! I can't wait!!!

colby... colbys_mom

I am very excited. Cant wait.

Sheri Dean

Yes, I'm extremely excited!!! Greatest family show ever!

nonmember avatar carrie meyers

So excited, there such a testimony for the world !!!!

pagan... paganbaby

Yea! It starts on my birthday :-)

kayba... kaybayblee3

I love this show. I know people give these people all sorts of grief about their large family, but their one of my favorite reality TV shows.

Jess_Lee Jess_Lee

I love the show! I'm watching reruns bc I just started watching at the end of last season. Lol. I can't wait!!

nonmember avatar gina

I can't wait either for the new season. Just so excited. I love Josie she's so adorable. That's a miracle from the Lord above.

nonmember avatar carol

I love the Duggers. Great family!! Looking forward to their new season show!!**

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