The Next 'Bachelor' Has Reportedly Been Confirmed (SPOILERS)

Arie Luyendyk, Chris Soules, Marquel Martin, Nick Viall

Well? Leave it to Reality Steve to tap into his unknown source of knowledge once again to ruin the best kept secret in reality TV. Apparently ABC has chosen the next Bachelor, and the dude in question has already signed a contract and is ready and rearin' to go.

We've all been on the edge of our seats as to whether Nick Viall, Chris Soules, Arie Luyendyk, Jr., or possibly even Marquel Martin would wind up landing the highly coveted gig.

And now thanks to Reality Steve, we have our leading man, as he spilled the beans on Twitter over the weekend.



Seriously? He didn't even bother hiding it on his website as opposed to putting Chris' name right out there for the world to see? (Dude has balls.)

And since Steve is rarely ever wrong, this is basically as good as an official announcement from ABC. Let's go ahead and discuss how Chris will fare as The Bachelor.

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Hmm. Personally, I really think his season could go either way. On the one hand, he's all sorts of hot and might be a pleasure to watch for nothing other than the eye candy factor alone. He's also a total gentleman and has plenty of qualities that any woman would be lucky to have in a potential husband.

But then again, the gentleman thing may wind up totally biting him in the ass as far as ratings go simply because what makes a good Bachelor are the number of women he a.) gets down and dirty with, b.) makes cry, and c.) manages to draw an insane level of crazy out of.

Chris definitely doesn't strike me as the type to do anything remotely scandalous or shady. ABC is going to have to up the ante as far as editing the episodes goes. (Maybe they should go ahead and book Chris Bukowski for some sort of date crash just to be on the safe side.)

For the record, I was totally rooting for Arie, simply because any man with his kind of make-out skills has no business being single. Not that I've actually made out with him. (I wish.) But watching him smooch Emily Maynard gave us a pretty decent glimpse of just how on point his kissing technique is. (Swoon.)

Damn. I guess there's always next season.

Do you think Chris will make a good Bachelor?


Images via Twitter; ABC

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